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  1. ssickels
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi -- I previously had the Facebook like button working on my self-hosted WordPress site, http://www.stevesickels.com. (The button is at the bottom of the page.) But something has gone awry. (Most likely, I suspect, when I upgraded WP.)

    Currently, 32 people like my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/stevesickelsphotography. And that's what previously showed up as well on the plugin on http://www.stevesickels.com. But now, my WP site just shows that two people like the site (one of whom is me, from my testing). I went to FB and got my App ID and App secret, and (re)plugged them into the Facebook for WordPress Application Information page on my site's wp-admin page. But that didn't fix things. Somehow it seems that the linkage from FB back to my WP site is broken. I tested by deleting the App ID and App secret from the FB for WP Application Information page, and saving the changes. However, my WP site then still shows the just two users liking my FB page (vs. the correct number, 32). (That makes it seem to me like the App ID is not even being used, somehow.) Adding the App ID and App secret back in has no effect. Any suggestions?

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