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  • Hi there all!!

    This is my blog

    I had a facebook like plugin and although it said it was compatible up to 2.9.2 it was working fine up until some days ago. I tried de-activating it and activating it again and nothing happened. I then deactivated it, installed newer and compatible plugins that lots of people had downloaded and none of these work anymore. Here is what happens

    If you “like” a post, then if you refresh the page, your like is lost. None of the likes applied works now anymore. However if i go to older posts, my old likes are still saved for that old plugin that i was using.

    Plugin i was using is fbLikeButton by Dean Peters
    Homepage :

    Any answers are greatly appreciated

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  • Same thing happens with other plugins as well … they all have the same behavior. In some posts it works, on others it doesnt … very very weird! Please help!

    This must be a FB issue … with ANY facebook like plugin, some times it works, some times it just doesnt … I mean on some posts it works, on some no. The same happens to a friend all of a sudden that uses the twenty ten theme



    I am having this same problem and it is driving me CRAZY!!! Someone please help =(

    Same problem here, so annoying!

    SAME! If I like a post on my website, it doesn’t register with facebook and 20 seconds later the Like button resets itself. Please help!

    I faced the same problem, but I was lucky to get it fixed, found a solution…

    It worked for me, it might work for you as well –

    FIX: Facebook Like Button Unlikes Itself.

    Didn’t work for me.

    Hey guys – I just upgraded my version of WordPress, used the fix above and the Like button started working.. Hope that helps.

    Glad it helped. 🙂

    So the fix tells us that once we enter a post/page that is not working correctly, then it will fix ONLY that post/page or the whole blog/website?

    I will try it and report back

    IT doesnt work … when i enter a post page, for example this one

    once i press like at the bottom, it displays 792 likes then it says again “this is liked by 792 people. Be the first of your friends to like this” and once i press “like” it resets again and goes back to 792 and says the same message

    And this happens with ANY plugin that uses the like function of FB. Addthis, sharedaddy, just about anything

    I was suddenly having the same problems on my site after everything was working fine for months. My tech partners figured out it was the plugin “Facebook Open Graph Meta” that was causing my problem. After deactivating it everything is working fine.

    But I did need to use the FB Lint method to get older posts to start showing Likes again, as suggested by @amblogger.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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