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  • No matter what I do, I cannot get the Like button to share my post description or picture. I’ve tried a few different OG tag plugins, and some SEO plugins to try to overwrite the description which just reads “The”. That’s it: The.

    The pic that is going through is a chicklet from the bottom of the page, not the post image, or even the default image.

    How can I control what gets shared to Facebook with the Like button? Thanks!

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  • Have you tried the developers code? i always had better luck with it than plugins.

    Yes, I even developed an app so the OG tags would work! All of the OG fields are populated, but I think something else is overwriting it.

    Can I manually overwrite it in the File Manager on Control Panel?

    the Facebook ‘Like’ button doesn’t work on most sites now for me. literally. sometimes a popup login to Facebook pops up, sometimes, if I try to login on the popup page. it goes away. but the ‘Like’ still does not work. and after that when you hit the ‘Like’ button, the popup comes and fades away with nothing else happening.
    This has been going on for some weeks now, so I think it is a Facebook problem. the Share button still works, but not the ‘Like’ nor the ‘Recommend’ button.

    Am on a Mac OS X Tiger, using Seamonkey browser. but Safari does it too.

    They still work for me, I assume you have both concidered any new plugins or updates? the ussual trouble shooting?

    Thanks for responding deepbevel!! Yes, I have tried that. But I am now using JetPack for WordPress for sharing, because all the other features (Twitter, Facebook share, etc) work. Just the Like that is not using the OG tags.

    Would an example like a link to the page that isn’t working help?

    it wouldn’t hurt, however I can’t say I know what the issue would be, there’s no info in the wp codex, I don’t know what functions are involved. Just wanted to be sure you did the ussual trobleshooting, hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.

    Okay thanks. This is probably the best example of the Like button being broke–when you click Like, it only shares the word “The.”

    Fluff Is For Marshmallows—Not Blogs

    Any ideas?

    I see what you mean, however I checked on 2 of my sites and they’re as good as always. I just use the straight developer code, no jet pack, no other plugins which could effect it.

    I lied, one of my sites is using:

    seems to work as good as always.

    Do you think that would strip my share counts? Or can I add the developer code into JetPack to make it work?

    I’ don’t know, where I use the developer code, I don’t use it with jet pack or any other share plugin.

    Where I use share and follow, I use no developer code, or anything else. I opted not to display a share count on both.

    Another update: I wrote another post today, and shared it to Facebook. The Like button (I think) is now working on all posts made after my first few! So every post from now on will be able to be shared via Like, but I don’t think I’ll be able to fix my first few.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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