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  • Ever since the update the ability to use Facebook like button seems to be broken. I have tried a number of different plugins and they all do the same thing. You click the like button and it goes from 0 to 1 very quickly and then back to 0. It also does not show on your Facebook page that you liked the article.

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  • You’re not alone. I’m having the same problem with a different LIKE plug-in and see the same issue complained about on many different Facebook Like plug-ins. I agree with you. I think the latest WP updates have caused this issue. I was not experiencing it prior to the last two updates.

    I disabled the LIKE plug-in and used code directly from the FB developers and it also would not work on the affected pages. Weird bug. Don’t understand why it’s picking on certain posts and not others.

    Same issue here, only on blog posts posed on July 8 or later, which I think is the same date I upgraded to the latest WP release.

    Having the same issue, and noticed it only occurs on things posted following the 3.2 update. Tried a variety of Facebook plug-ins and the issue is across the board.

    I Googled around and saw some plug-in developers saying it’s “Facebook’s fault,” but I think it’s more to do with 3.2’s compatibility with the Like button. And I don’t think Facebook is working around the clock to make their button compatible with a WordPress update…

    Does anyone have ANY idea on how to fix this issue?

    For what this is worth, it’s not a 3.2 bug, IMHO. I’m using bottomlessinc’s “Like” plugin on two blogs, both still on 3.1.4, and I’m having the same issue.

    I’m no programmer, but all Facebook roads do lead to Facebook, right?

    I agree with TalkingFish. Check out the FB’s Bug Tracker.

    I too have 3.1.4 and the like button doesn’t register the counts or send the likes to users feed. Also linting the url and liking it that way as an admin works randomly.

    I suppose all roads do lead back to Facebook, but is it something where we just wait around for them to fix it (the Bug Tracker seems to indicate it’s a fairly widespread problem)?

    I just assumed it was a 3.2 issue because it didn’t stop working when I made the previous update. I could imagine it making sense to isolate the problem to Facebook’s code not working well with WordPress’ code from the past two updates, but why is anyone’s guess.

    Having this issue, too. And for me, did not start until latest update. Except that it’s only on one blog, not the other two. So… some kind of coding conflict?

    I tried switching to the XFBML version of the button, but nothing changed. Feh.

    Ever since I upgraded to wordpress 3.2 , even I am having this issue too. I assume it is some wordpress facebook incompatibility. I wish it is resolved pretty soon.

    I’m getting this too. Please help, wordpress!

    I’m absolutely not a coder but was fiddling a bit and it seems to be a problem with the permalinks.
    Is you change the permalink it will work again. The problem is with the default permalink “?” <- that one.
    When you change it, it will work fine again…problem is, is that all your previous “likes” are lost, until you change it back again.
    If someone knows how to fix that one…it will be my save 🙂

    Hm, now it’s not working anymore for me…grrr

    Thanks Adriantevan, that was very useful during the down period. I think facebook have finally fixed the bug.

    I had encountered the same sort of issue. There are a lot of things about this update that were NOT working, that caused things to no longer respond or to suddenly break.

    I would suggest to try WordPress 3.0 or an earlier version as that is what corrected the problem here once I removed the auto respond. Facebook like buttons haven’t been working on the other theme Twenty Eleven either. All I can say is from my experience and that is, you are much better off installing a Facebook plugin and using their Like feature. Do a search for “facebook” on

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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