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    I have installed the plugin and filled up the App ID, etc. However, I am not using any of the facebook features as yet. For example, I am using a floating bar which has a facebook like button.

    Do I have to manually input the facebook javascript code in my header again? Or does the plugin provide insights for all actions involving the facebook like button even though the button is not generated by the plugin?

    Essentially, does the plugin generate a universal javacript code with my app id if it is activated and one is not using any of its features?

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  • Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    Yes. But why do you want to inject the code yourself? The plugin has most of the core Facebook features that you probably need.


    Thanks for getting back to me! I don’t want to inject the code again. I just want to know if the plugin automatically does that and applies it to say a manual send button that I install using code generated from the facebook website. I hope I’m clear.

    Basically, I use the diggdigg plugin for a floating bar. I’m just wondering if I have to inject the javascript in my header or does the facebook plugin automatically do that and apply it.

    Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    Ah yes, that should be fine.

    The JS SDK is included, so if you include something like <fb:send>, it will generally work everywhere.

    @improjectcloud – I’m also using Digg Digg, and was curious if the JS sdk is being duplicated. Do you know if it is? Did you figure out the best way to get the Facebook plugin and Digg Digg to work correctly without anything being duplicated? (Here’s my site if you’d like to take a look.)


    I don’t think it duplicates the java sdk. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough traffic to check if DiggDigg’s FB button is including my FB application ID for insights. Maybe you could check that out under facebook insights since you have massive traffic from what I can see!

    FYI: I read your post and I’m sure your post is helping a lot of people =)

    Thanks for the kind words about our site. Is there any way you can look at the source code and see if you see anything odd? When I run google speed test it seems to show duplicated Facebook code that’s slowing down my site. So I can’t tell where it’s coming from.


    Take a look here:

    I’m not an expert but if you have provided the fb code in your header file and also enabled the facebook plugin, it could generate multiple tags. I removed the fb code when I installed the facebook plugin.

    Thanks, but i’m not sure what the info on that link means. I don’t understand the error it says I’m producing.

    Also I haven’t put the fb code in my header at all. But I’m using both the facebook plug in, and the digg digg (and jetpack) so I’m concerned one of those may have duplicated the code.

    The link allows you to understand how facebook sees your article. From what I can tell, your fb code is not being duplicated rather the error on your page is

    The parser’s result for this metadata did not match the input metadata. Likely, this was caused by the data being ordered in an unexpected way, multiple values being given for a property only expecting a single value, or property values for a given property being mismatched. Here are the input property =>content pairs that were not seen in the parsed result: ‘og:locale:locale => en_US, article:published_time => 2012-06-18T23:17:59+00:00, article:modified_time => 2012-06-19T23:00:56+00:00’

    You might want to investigate this part.


    Thanks! Do you know anything about that error?

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