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  • I have the same error while I try to create feed for Facebook public page. It shows the same error either if I use nickname or ID. In status it shows exclamation mark in red circle and message:
    “Plugin received next error from network API while requesting this feed: (#12) object_id field is deprecated for versions v3.3 and higher”
    What can I do to make it work?

    According to documentation on facebook developers:

    The following fields on the {page_id}/feed, {page_id}/published_posts, {page_id}/posts, and {page_post_id} nodes are deprecated:


    object_id fiedl maps to attachment/target/id.

    I still don’t know how to implement this knowledge and change it inside plugin files to make it work.

    Critical file is wp-content/plugins/flow-flow/includes/social/FFFacebook.php.

    I don’t know how to map object_id there to attachment/target/id, because it can’t be called as object property and there should be some other way to resolve it.

    Not only “object_id” is deprecated, also “link”, “name”, “source” and “type” fields are deprecated, that are used inside wp-content/plugins/flow-flow/includes/social/FFFacebook.php.

    I’ve make a temporary workaround in the wp-content/plugins/flow-flow…/includes/social/FFFacebook.php file; just remove the deprecated values “object_id”,”link”, “name”, “source” and “type” from the line

    $fields    = $fields . 'id,created_time,from,link,message,name,object_id,picture,full_picture,attachments{media,subattachments},source,status_type,story,type';

    maybe could validate this change with the value from FFFacebook::API_VERSION variable, the stream gets the data displays the extract but some post’s link from the source doesn’t works sometimes

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    After changes in $fields variable I somehow made it to work with images as well, but now it only works with text posts….

    I replaced every occurrence of $item->object_id with $item->attachment->target->id,
    every occurrence of $item->link with $item->attachement->url_unshimmed and so on for name, source and type and it worked. Then I made some customization and now I can’t make it work again… I’m done. Are there some developers to help me with it?

    Just installed and also getting the same error. Really want to use this plugin. Any plugin authors around to fix the plugin accordingly?

    Error is: (#12) object_id field is deprecated for versions v3.3 and higher

    This is clearly an issue with the plugin that needs to be updated by the authors.

    I have been struggling with this same problem and thanks to the advice on this thread I now have reworked my FFFacebook.php file and got it working for my purposes.

    I can’t guarantee that it will work for every FB post type, but it seems to work and pull feed images in for me. Happy to share my reworked file if anybody wants it? (Of course future upgrades to the plugin will probably break it again) 🙁


    Please share your php file. I’m in need of a temporary fix until the devs can address this via update. Thanks!

    steve a t

    @davegendall I hope the developers fix this issue soon but in the meantime your edited file would be very helpful. So pls share the file with me as well.



    Hi Same problem. Could you please share the reworked FFFacebook.php file please? Have you encountered any issues with the reworked php file??

    contact a t

    Thanks in advance

    Hi all,

    I am receiving the same error, but I am unable to locate FFFacebook.php, as if it has not been generated. I am looking under “/wp-content/plugins/flow-flow/includes/social/”. Is there another place this file might appear, or another file that I have to alter?



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    Somebody can fork the plugin’s code in github to give us try to fix ?

    I have created a new version of FFFacebook.php on github that works with v3.3. For all those still interested on the matter.

    Github link

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