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    Issue with Facebook Events only!
    Facebook has restricted access of Events in API from 4th April due to recent Privacy issue. Here is Facebook post about same. They have new policy & rules to get Event data,

    We are working with updated process and making our plugin compatible to it. Once plugin is updated we will come up with updated plugin

    Here is post from facebook about same.

    Thanks for your support.

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  • drchewbacca


    Hi! Thank you for the quick reply.
    I confirm I’m using the exact same shortcode, I copied/pasted it. I tried both with and (my Facebook page).

    I also entered Facebook App ID and Secret. Maybe I’m doing something wrong on Facebook side? Are there any specific steps or options to do on Facebook App management side?

    Plugin Author Xylus Themes


    Hello @drchewbacca,

    Sorry for still having issue. Here are few suggestions.
    – Make sure you have downloaded latest version of plugin and using it.
    – Correct app ID & key
    – Correct sortcode ( Check double quote once again in sortcode)
    if still issue please send details of your web page on our support section of website we can check and help you.

    Here is link of detailed document with screenshot if you follow it should work fine.




    I found the solution: the double-quotes in your shortcode here on WordPress are not correct.
    Here’s the shortcode that should be copied by users:

    [fb_event_widget page_url="" small_header="true"]

    Hi Xylus Themes,

    Another Facebook feed plugin seems to now use the page access token to get around the new restrictions. Might be an option for you too. Please see here:


    Plugin Author Xylus Themes


    @jipsa78 You can check that out its old description and plugin is not working after recent restriction.

    Hi, I’ve entered the app id and app secret but nothing displays.

    I entered:

    [fb_event_widget page_url=”” width=”490″ height=”500″ hide_cover=”false” hide_cta=”false” small_header=”true”]

    What am I missing?


    I re-entered the app id and app secret and got the message “Something went wrong! please try again.”

    Any ideas? Could I have configured my app incorrectly?

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    In my case the problem was coming from the quote characters copied from this thread. I had to use different quote characters.
    With this it worked:

    [fb_event_widget page_url="" small_header="true"]

    Thanks for the reply. I saw your earlier post and tried that first, but it didn’t solve my issue.

    Hello @cobisan,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Can you please contact us on our website for support with Facebook Page URL which you have try to we can check it out.

    Let us know if you have any query.

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    hi ive installed your Facebook Events plugin and im trying to display multiple events by using the shortcode:
    [wpfb_events page_id=”YOUR_PAGE_ID” new_window=”1″ col=”3″ max_events=”10″]
    but it doesnt show anything.
    on the other hand, this shortcode is working:
    [fb_event_widget page_url=”” width=”340″ height=”500″ hide_cover=”false” hide_cta=”true” small_header=”true”]
    but i prefer the other shortcode that gives a grid layout



    Hello @kevinybh,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Please check it out in your shortcode starting and ending quote(“) are not same in shortcode attribute.

    If you still facing error please contact us on our website so we check it out.

    Let us know if you have any query.

    Can this shortcode be pasted into an HTML widget? As for now nothing happens here…

    Well I could not get it to work in any way… so I just generated the code here:

    Plugin Author Xylus Themes


    Hello @

    Plugin has widget and sortcode. Below is sortcode if you need

    [fb_event_widget page_url=”” width=”490″ height=”500″ hide_cover=”false” hide_cta=”true” small_header=”true”]

    Please create new ticket for new questions so you will fast reply.


    Thanks, I tried that both in a testpage (in text editor) and in a HTML widget, both of which did not work. Got the API key and secret entered correctly.

    Anyway, I got it working by adding the code generated on, and added the code snippets in a HTML widget.

    You can see the result here in the sidebar:

    Thanks for your quick response. Next time I will start a new post.

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