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  • Also went through this

    ### Begin System Info ###
    Feed Them Social Version:

    — WordPress Configuration:
    WordPress Version: 5.4.1
    Multisite: No
    Permalink Structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/
    PHP Memory Limit: 512M
    WP_DEBUG: Disabled

    — Webserver Configuration:
    PHP Version: 7.3.18
    Web Server Info: apache

    — PHP Configuration:
    Upload Max Size: 1024M
    Post Max Size: 512M
    Upload Max Filesize: 1024M
    Time Limit: 300
    Max Input Vars: 3000
    Allow URL File Open: On (0)
    Display Erros: N/A

    — PHP Extensions:
    json: Your server supports json.
    FSOCKOPEN: Your server supports fsockopen.
    cURL: Your server supports cURL.
    curl_multi: Your server supports curl_multi_select.

    — FTS Settings->Global Options:
    Cache time: 1 Day (Default)

    — Custom Token or Keys added to Options Pages
    — You must have a custom token to use the feeds

    Facebook App Token: Yes
    Twitter Consumer Key: No
    Twitter Secret: No
    Twitter Token: Yes
    Twitter Token Secret: Yes
    Pinterest Token: No
    Instagram Basic Token: Yes
    Instagram Business Token: Yes
    YouTube: No

    — FaceBook & Twitter Date Format and Timezone

    Date Format: one-day-ago
    Timezone: Europe/London

    Plugin Contributor slickchris


    Hi @juggy69,

    Could you contact us through In order to assist, I would like to check your access token and it would be preferable to do it through a support ticket.

    Thank you

    Hi @slickchris,

    I am unable to register at that site and therefore unable to raise a ticket as i have not purchased anything 😉

    I am currently developing a new site, I have also just checked the “Access Token” on the “Live” site and my testing site and they match.

    The Live site was created years ago and the FB Feed is workign fine.

    I have only today been added as an admin to the required page today and my own FB account was created in the last 3/4 days



    I have also just deleted the Access token on the texting site removed auth for Slick in Facebook, now when I click get access token processes everything as before then dosent show an Access token at all?

    Plugin Contributor slickchris


    Hi @juggy69,

    The Error (#10) message occurs when either the Page is not a FB Business Page or the user does not have admin privileges for that Page.

    If you do have an older access token, it’s also possible that the token has expired and you would be required to gain a new access token.

    Our developers are currently working on a FB Access Token issue (which is occurring when trying to gain a FB access token).

    Now, when you go to Feed Them > Facebook Options and click the access token banner/button and follow the prompts, if your Page does not show up within the prompts, then it may not be a FB Business Page and/or you do not have Admin Privileges. If it does show up, and is checked, but does not list once the prompts return you to WordPress (this is our current issue), there is a workaround.
    Go to Feed Them > Instagram Options and click the Instagram Business API token banner/button and follow the prompts (even if you need to cancel out of them). Then, return to Feed Them > Facebook Options and try again to gain an access token (click the ‘edit settings’ and check 2 or more accounts). Your pages should return listed, click on the banner of your page and then click the green Save button. Then go to Feed Them > Settings > Facebook to generate a new shortcode.

    Let me know how it goes

    Ok cheers that worked 😉

    Thanks very much 😉

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