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  • I am playing with it right now. Looks like the package that they use is looking for a cookies folder. but its not there of course.

    I am playing around with the proxy core to see if its as simple of an issue as i think

    If you got any ideas, please post back.

    I am nothing we have a cookies folder at all.

    they offer cookies and i turn that on. From there we should be saving cookies onto the server directly or even just pushing the cookies to the end user.

    We are all getting the message about the “NO COOKIES” Active.

    They make reference in the code for a directory called empty. i had an error for this happen and I think its referencing a directory called /wp-root/repress/empty.

    I am going through the code because the top lines of the proxy is clearly stating it has cookie support. I just think the save to director was not created.

    I went a head and make a VM of ubuntu 12.04 server to test this. I am running as localhost, and have SSL on full support. Just incase it was an SSL issue.

    I’m really interested on it.
    What about “playing” a little with FTP permissions?
    What if you give 777 permissions to the “empty” folder?

    I’gonna try it tonight and tell you later… If you find something just tell.


    I actually am running the wp on server in my office. The website is the localhost. I’ll put the server setup at the bottom.

    I have the whole wp install set to 777, and redo a “chmod -R 777 /var/www/wordpress” on the whole wp folder after each trial.

    I honestly can’t tell where the heck they planed to save the cookies unless there was to be an upload folder that we did not make. if you pass through the code. The only directory reference I could see was “/empty” and the “(root_wp)/repress/empty” directory of error setup I had on a bad .htaccess.

    I will give the programmer credit right now. This bad boy is fast and clean compared to most other proxy software, and I like select domain control.

    – Ubuntu 12.04 desktop and it does operate the same as server version
    – LAMP base lamp install. perfect for this
    – HTTPS ( SSL support ). Not needed but I was testing it.

    Mobile pages DO NOT WORK!!!!!

    I checked FB and and the whole system crashed.

    The system does do sub-domains though…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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