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  • Hey y’all.

    Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this, or knows how to resolve it.
    We’re using this plug-in for FB comments which would great in Chrome, Safari and IE. I see this comment area and previous comments are shown, no problem. This is true on both PC and Mac.

    But in FireFox (PC & Mac) we can only see the comment box and no previous comments are displayed. This happens weather or not we’re logged into either WP or Facebook. It’s the oddest thing.

    We also noticed that standard WordPress Sharing buttons are reporting the incorrect number of likes tweets and +1. Just figured it warranted mentioning. 🙂

    Anyone else seeing this or have I just blown something up?

    Thanx in advance for your help.

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  • Update:

    Now I’m at a total loss. LOL!

    If comments are made in EI, Safari or Chrome they should up in those browsers. But if a comment is made in Firefox it only shows up in Firefox.

    This makes no sense.

    Update again:

    I pulled this plug and use SEO Facebook Comments to see if I could figure out what was going on. The comments left using Firefox someone were send to the WordPress internal commenting system? Does that make any sense?

    It doesn’t to me, but I thought I’d share.

    I”m seeing this too. quite puzzling. did you ever find a solution?

    Ok–on my end I was using a second facebook account to test the comment system…and hypothesized that since the account that wasn’t showing up properly only had one ‘friend’–me–that maybe facebook was blocking it, thinking it a potential bogus account. So, I got another friend for that test account, and suddenly everything was working.

    I didn’t ever find a solution. Honestly, I just gave up. Truth is Facebook is just making too many changes too fast for this to be a safe system to use. The JetPack commenting system that lets commenters use their FB or Twitter creds to comment seems to be the ‘happy’ medium for us. Of course that’s only true when Jetpack isn’t slowing everything to a crawl. 🙁

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful. We’ve been playing with various FB comments implementations for many years. I think Facebook just makes it too hard.


    This is my first foray into this minefield…
    At this point, given what I’ve put into it I’m willing to give it a shot and see what happens.

    I’m still testing it out and discovering quirks–such as not being notified if a non-friended facebook user comments. I’m hoping that’s just a setting somewhere…

    I hear you. Truth is it probably isn’t just a setting. Notifications have been a problem consistently since day one. I finally started getting notifications of comments but could only ever get it to work via the associated business page. So if I wasn’t sitting in Facebook all the time or didn’t enable email notifications for business page comments I’d never know. In some case (when I was really busy) I might not get back to an FB user for a month or two just because I didn’t know they’d left a comment. Even when I got it all working it didn’t work all the time. Facebook would block comments for no reason so I’d constantly have to check the moderation screen to see what was gummed up in there. Keep in mind, if it does get blocked you get zero notifications…

    Here’s my problem with this: Facebook comments on your site do a great job of increasing interactions. I’ll give it that. But it does a terrible job supporting your interactions with commenters. I liken it to starting out with one support line in your office. Not all the people that need support are going to get through, but those that do will be helped. Now add a new phone system that will allow everyone to get through but will only right 30% of the time. You basically are building bad support into your operation, y’know what I mean? FB Comments turned out to be the same as a phone system that only rings 30% of the time.

    We’re a design firm so this is a big deal for us. You, however, might have an entertainment site or something where this isn’t as big a deal… Point is, in our experience, if you rely on comments to provide a service or to spur on actual conversation, you’re taking a big risk relying on FB comments.

    I wish you luck. It’s been a long time since we messed with this so it might be better now. Can’t be sure. 🙂

    Thanks for the input. I’ve been testing it nonstop, and the one other bug I keep encountering is another variation on what you were encountering; a given person replies to a comment, but then–in their own browser/view of the website, if they refresh their page, their new comment either disappears entirely…or is replaced with a duplicate response from another poster, or some variation of that. If that user logs out, then refreshes, it all looks normal…and looks normal to everyone else…but that is a nasty bug.

    Such a bummer.

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