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    Using the plugin for the facebook comments only. 600 px width is the ‘perfect’ width, however if viewed on mobile or smaller browser windows the facebook comment section area does not resize to fit accordingly.

    Is it possible to have it automatically change width according to what size of the device/browser is viewing the page? If not, is the only solution to set it intentionally small for it to be compatible with all devices?


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  • Plugin Author Rajat Varlani


    Hey there,

    Here is the situation.
    When Facebook renders Facebook commenting interface, there is a unique id generated every time in the comment iframe and that is of fixed width. That’s why the width of commenting interface is of the same width throughout all the devices.
    I am looking for a workaround.
    Currently, you have to specify width yourself in the plugin option page.

    Will keep you updated about this.

    Plugin Author Rajat Varlani


    Facebook commenting is fully responsive in the latest release. Please update your plugin. Just make sure to leave the “Width” option blank in “Facebook Commenting” section.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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