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  • Also when you post something the post do not refresh and show automatically untill you refresh the whole page !!!

    I prefer the old one if you can send it to me

    I got an email from the developer. He is aware of the issue and working on it.

    I also asked him if I delete this version and install an old one will I lose my comments

    no you should not lose your comments because they are saved in your application on facebook.

    The comment system has disappeared on our Website.

    Also- FYI- the update that I saw recently removed most of my preferences including our App ID.

    Please update on the status before we lose this plugin.

    I guess this is the same issue I was having. I installed the plugin, I tested it , I was able to post but for some reason only the first post could be seen to everyone whereas subsequent posts could only be seen by the poster and no one else.
    I’ve disabled the plugin until this gets fixed

    I changed a few of the settings regarding the comments not appears, came back a few hours and all is working now

    only enable this if Facebook Comments do not appear

    only enable this if Facebook comments are not appearing, not all information is being passed to Facebook or if you have not enabled Open Graph elsewhere within WordPress

    Are both ticked for me

    Mr Penguin, what does need to be enable?

    Hi guys. It was complete coincidence that only 1 comment was appearing when people updated. This problem should now be gone for all. Hope it all works for you guys

    Hi Alex,

    the problem still persist, Only the person who left the comment can see it, no one else

    can you provide the URL to where this is happening?

    on this page for instance, there are supposed to be 3 test comments, there is only one, the very first we posted…

    we posted tests comments on another pages and nothing at all appears, unless the login as the person who left the comment

    have you double checked your facebook settings? this seems like moderation before publication is set…

    I have, under the Moderate application comments I have selected ‘Make every post public by default’

    however under the Comment Moderation Tool, under Moderator view, I can see the rest of the comments in a queue… but since I selected the above ‘Make every post public by default’ I don’t know why the comments won’t show up

    hmmm im not sure either. this doesn’t have to do with the plugin so i’m not sure how i can help. sorry 🙁

    ok, I found the answer here

    ‘It turns out that if you try and post to a comment box using a ‘fresh’ facebook account, these comments are automatically added to the moderation queue. This makes sense as the users posting these comments look like spammers.”

    this was the problem.. the account for testing was just a new account 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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