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  • Another check. Works on Safari (Windows) but not on Opera.

    Plugin Author Graham Swan


    I’ll make another update tonight and check that it works in Firefox. If not, you may just have to downgrade.


    I saw your plugin working in chrome and in firefox, but not in IE. To investigate, I hit F12 to start the debugger in IE – then it worked. But anytime I viewed the site in a clean session it stopped working again. It puzzled me for hours, until I happened to notice the yellow javascript warning icon briefly appear and disappear again in the status bar. When I double-clicked it I found the cause of the problem:
    console is not an object, unless the javascript debugger is loaded.

    I searched through your source for “console.log”, commented all 9 hits and uploaded the modified version. After that, the plugin worked like a charm in IE as well. I now see it working fine in all Windows browsers, including Opera 🙂

    I am convinced this is the same problem folks are having in firefox. For me it worked in that browser before my edit, because I am a web developer and have firebug installed and enabled by default. This will enable the javascript console.

    To test if you can use console, you could use this code for logging:
    if (typeof console != ‘undefined’) console.log( … );

    That will make it browser-independent.

    Hope this helps,


    Hey all,

    Berend hit the nail on the head. I installed Facebook Comments for WordPress for the first time a short while ago and was puzzled why it did not work. I got to Berend’s post, and then I edited the file facebook-comments-for-wordpress/facebook-comments-functions.php (in the WordPress control panel:

    Plugins -> Facebook Comments for WordPress -> Edit -> # facebook-comments-for-wordpress/facebook-comments-functions.php

    I searched for every line of code that started with console.log and simply appended in front of it:

    if (typeof console != ‘undefined’)

    So, instead of (for example):

    console.log(‘fbComments: Caught added comment’);

    it now reads:

    if (typeof console != ‘undefined’) console.log(‘fbComments: Caught added comment’);

    Voila, it works perfectly now. Hurrah!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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