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    On this site too facebook comments are not loaded

    Same problem on my site too. :/



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    I can´t even see the facebook comment-form… what is wrong there?

    I’m implementing this plugin into my new website and my developer troubleshot this issue and sent me back this

    It’s a bug in the comment plugin:
    “FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init(). “

    This won’t be working until it gets fixed by the plugin author.

    Coloque o facebook como 1° e ele vai carregar. Se você colocar como 2° ele não vai aparecer…

    Any plans on getting the facebook comment section to work??

    Thanks for the temporally solution.

    By any chances do you have plans on getting this bug fixed in a future build?

    Hello, I´m not the coder of this plugin and dunno what happen to the owner but he’s not replying any of the comments in here.


    Same problem here, tried the workaround by placing facebook first (facebook,gplus,wordpress), but the problem persists.

    Hey @bholtsclaw, just wanted to shine some light on this thread. Can we get a fix please?

    One user reported this as the issue:

    It's a bug in the comment plugin:
    "FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init()."

    BigBirdy, when you do the changes clean after that the cache mem from your browser and even clean the cache in WordPress if you´re using for instance WP Super Cache.

    Yeah, it happens to me too and dont wanna touch the code hoping the owner code does it so everybody can have the plugin fixed and updated.

    tvanhemert, the plugin you mention it has similar code to this one, I´ve tried long time ago aswell but had other kind of issues with it.

    Thank goodness I’m not alone on this one.

    Yes, I had the issue of waiting for FB comments to come up but I just deleted the cache and it appeared.

    However though, when I have it displayed along with whatever, as soon as I select another comment system from Facebook, when I return to it, it has disappeared.

    This comment system all in all is potentially the best one out there at the minute. Some coding support would be very beneficial not only to users but the developer him/herself. There’s some dollar in this but in the meantime, nothing unless we can have some assistance to get this rectified.

    Hello everyone on this thread… I have privately message Brandon (author of this plugin) on Google+ and hopefully he will get back to all of us here. I really hope the plugin hasn’t been abandoned. It is/was really awesome!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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