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    1. The comments is call in the comments_template() php function

    Sometimes your theme do not use this feature correctly.
    In a good theme, your comments.php file should include this function, outside the condition if comments are activated on the post.

    You should verify this fucntion is in your theme.

    2. For Login in your site using FB connect, you should acitvate it, i saw it’s on on your site.

    But you need also to add params URL AND DOMAIN for fb connect in Facebook Application Parameters.

    Read this post ( in french )

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    If you Want the comments and the login work in IE, you should add/replace a line in your header html too.

    <html xmlns=”” xmlns:fb=””>

    i use the same plug in for my other website; , it work fine, i’m not sure what the problem,.. the theme is from Elegant Theme, and i’m sure it just fine since i us your plug in and the theme for many website. can you check again please. Tq

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    Yes, for sure, i will check again.
    I can’t do anything before monday.

    I will install same theme ans try it.

    Stay updated!


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    Hey guy, when i go on a post on your site I saw Comments Form!

    Look here

    Plugin Author AHWEBDEV


    Sorry its not the good website…

    Will check agin…

    thanks, i really need it. tq

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    It’s not the fix to the probleme but note that you really must add/replace this line <html xmlns="" xmlns:fb=""> in header.php in your theme. without that All xfbml plugins will not work on IE.

    I download the theme and try it to check comments.

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    Maybe you can past here the code from your page single.php ?


    hi, sorry for late reply… here
    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

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    Hi, at the bottom of your file,

    you can see:
    <?php if (get_option('professional_show_postcomments') == 'on') comments_template('', true); ?>

    the Facebook comments are called from the function comments_template();

    This function in your theme only work if get_option(‘professional_show_postcomments’) is equal to true or 1.

    you should enable comments on this post to see Facebook comments.
    But if you want to display only Facebook comments, you can’t with this theme because the condition os outside the comments fucntion.

    You will have to enable both WordPress comments and Facebook comments
    Or you can use shortcode.

    You can paste this line
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[AWD_comments url="'.get_permalink().'"]'); ?>
    right after the comments_template('', true); ?>

    in single.php and in page.php
    this will add by shorcode comments form on singles and pages
    If you need to exclude comments form form a specified post, you should use php condition inside template.


    thanks for quick support =) really appriceate it,

    so if i only want comment from facebook and not default comment how should i do? could you also guide me how to change the css style? to made facebook comment blend into this theme? thanks again =)

    hi, just manage to set back the comment section, it resolve now, look at my url, any other suggestion? thanks for your support i give it 5 Stars!

    Plugin Author AHWEBDEV


    if you only want comment from facebook and not default comment you should use shortcode instead automatic usage.

    You should just add this line
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[AWD_comments url="'.get_permalink().'"]'); ?>
    just right after the comments_template('', true); ?> code. in single .php and in page.php

    To use custom css, you have to create a css file, and to store it somewhere on your server.
    you must set the css url in the shortcode like that.
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[AWD_comments url="'.get_permalink().'" css="URL_OF_YOUR_FILE_CSS"]'); ?>

    You can find default css file here
    You can use firebug in firefox to help you find wich class and id you must custom.

    hi AHWEBDEV. i followed all your instruction here and it works so far. but, i still can’t change the width of the comments box from 500px to 300px.

    can you help me, pls.

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