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  • Facebook banned the account after use this plugin and after many months I still cannot recover FB Shop account, nothing can help even FB customer services because the account was been permanent. Thanks to plugin.

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  • Plugin Support Daniyal Ahmed (a11n)


    Hi there,

    I understand that your Facebook Shop account was banned after installing this extension.

    This issue probably might be coming due to the types of products you were selling and if they might have violated any of FB’s policies. Can you please let me know what type of products you were selling on the platform?

    Can you try to reach out to Facebook for more clarification on why they banned your account even if they can’t restore it?

    Let me know how it goes!


    Thread Starter stickerqueen


    I sell T-Shirt and hats. ANd all and the designs were quite simple, like hearts, nothing is forbidden.

    This wat shown in FM
    FB AccounShop Can’t Be Published
    After reviewing your commerce account, we found that it doesn’t comply with our commerce eligibility requirements, so your shop isn’t visible to potential customers. If you believe your shop should be published, you can see details and request a review in Account Quality.

    Also i try contact FB maybe 6 times and after more than 6 month still account close for shopping. SO it was need create new FB pages and start from 0

    This from FB customers service chat:

    However, I tried checking your Data Sources ( and could have triggered as to why your Commerce Account got rejected.
    I may suggest to have your Data Feed issues fixed, before sending any appeal.
    Please do note that you are only able to appeal once and it is highly advised to fix any issues before appealing or the request will be denied and you will no longer be able to appeal for access to Shops again.
    You sent
    i already appeal once 
    Since you have already sent an appeal once and it still being rejected, is it not possible to alter (move, merge, delete, deactivate, etc.) the connected Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and/or Catalog until the Commerce Account is approved. Yes, I may suggest to kindly create an entirely new Commerce Account.
    You sent
    Than fun it will allow to move page to other account ?
    I am afraid as mentioned on my previous message it won't be possible to move your Facebook page. It was also my concern since I have seen that you page has been well established. Rest assured that we are also working on adding more appeal attempts in the future for any Commerce Account that has been rejected the first time. However, that I cannot tell to when will it happened. Just in case, you are still free to create an entirely new Facebook Page if you wish to continue creating a new Commerce Account for now.
    Plugin Support Chris M. – a11n


    Hi again @stickerqueen,

    Thank you for providing that additional information.

    Based on the conversation snippet you provided from Facebook support, it appears as though you had already appealed a restriction/rejection previously, and you are unable to initiate a second appeal due to policies put in place by Facebook.

    I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you.

    I’d like to note that we haven’t heard any similar report previously saying that accounts were banned because of our plugin. It could be that the account was restricted for a reason that does not include the types of products you were selling; for example, I’ve read that Facebook has some restrictions in place that make dropshipping especially difficult on the platform.

    Additionally, while we build and maintain this plugin in partnership with Facebook, we do not have any control over their policies regarding their commerce eligibility requirements or their appeal process. As a result, I would recommend that you continue to gather more details about why this account may have been rejected directly from Facebook.

    Hopefully this provides you with a path forward. I wish you the best of luck getting this particular issue resolved with Facebook.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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