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    I’ve recently gotten an email from Facebook Developer saying that I need to have my app (the one I created for this plugin) reviewed. They want to approve the permissions needed for this app.

    I don’t recall why I setup an app to get this plugin to work, but my question is now:
    – Do I even need an app? Will this plugin run the same without an app? (Advantages / disadvantages?)
    – If I do need the app, should I bother with the App Review process?
    – If I need to do the App Review, what permissions do I need to ask for? (user_friends, user_link…?) What reason do I give?

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    Hey @jd-fb,

    Facebook sent that email out to anyone with a developer app, but as our plugin doesn’t require any of the permissions listed in that email then you can safely disregard it. To answer your specific questions:

    1) You don’t need an app to use the plugin, however an Access Token is required in order to use it. We have some backup tokens in the plugin so that if you don’t use your own then ours will be used instead. The advantage of using your own is that if there’s ever an issue with our Facebook app then yours will continue to work uninterrupted.

    2) No, there’s no need to have your Facebook developer app reviewed.

    3) See #2 above.

    Let me know whether that helps, or if you have any further questions at all.


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    Thanks for confirming, Smashballoon.

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