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  • Can anybody comment on what it would take to accomplish all of the following? Are there any solutions a limited-skill, non-programmer WP user (me) can set up? (I’ve found maybe two.)

    What are the odds of finding a skilled WP user who’d have time and willingness, and where might you find them?

    Configure a WordPress CMS to post to our Twitter account

    1. the first 140 characters of the posts when published
    2. the post’s author’s first name,
    3. the post’s category, and
    4. a link back to the post.

    Configure the same WordPress CMS to post to our Facebook account
    1. one image,
    2. post title,
    3. post title,
    4. author’s name,
    5. first sentence of blog and
    6. a link back to the post


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  • Any information about what’s NOT feasible/possible also greatly appreciated!

    In case anybody’s interested, looks like the best solution is twitterfeed. Several other plugins didn’t work at all with 3.1.

    Twitterfeed uses RSS. Not a plugin. You register for an account at, and set up the feeds there. Very easy.

    As of March 2011, it can be set up for Twitter, Facebook, and two others I can’t remember right now.

    It posts the beginning of the feed to Tw or FB wall, the URL of the source web site, the post’s title as a link back. Doesn’t support thumbnails of images yet, but apparently have been planning to for quite a while, so maybe that’s coming soon.

    Also no way to specify different authors’ names.

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