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  • Hey folks,

    I’m running my site for a few months now but the last two weeks there is a problem which also causes a loss of blog readers.

    For some strange reason, FB pigheadedly ignores the first image inside the post so I have no (or the wrong) thumbnail to share on FB.
    The funny thing is, that FB picks the large image from the sidebar (Musikreviews)… yes, it’s a widget, but even if I deactivate the widget containing this image, FB still chooses it.

    What I tried:

    -reuploading the images inside the articles, even attaching them on the very bottom to see if FB finds the second one
    -make SEO Ultimate choose a standard image (so at least I had the logo of my site instead of a wrong or no image on FB)
    -trying all the tutorials in the web which have been posted in other threads

    -disable SEO Ultimate which has an Open Graph integrator
    -disable Add Link To Facebook plugin
    -disable the regular Facebook plugin
    -disable Jetpack
    (all of them at once, one by one while others running, one by one solely running)

    But the FB link debugger (that lint thingy) still shows me multiple og:url and og:image entries of the image which should be shown on FB, no matter if I disable the plugin or not.

    The funny thing is: About two weeks ago, everything worked properly, WITH SEO Ultimate, WITH Jetpack, WITH AL2FB and WITH the regular FB plugin.

    It’s really a pain in the you-know-what 🙁

    Feel free to take random posts from my site and check what’s wrong. Especially the new ones are causing the problem.

    What am I doing wrong? Or have there recently been changes facebook-side?

    Without thumbnails the FB site looks horribly messy and semi-professional…

    Thanx in advance.

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