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  • I have the Tweetmeme button on my site ( and I want to add a Facebook button BELOW it.

    Right now the Tweetmeme settings show:
    ‘float: right; margin-left: 10px;’

    What’s the best Facebook plugin for this and what settings do I need?

    I think the Simple Facebook Share Button should be good but I’m not sure the bit of code I should put to move it below the Tweetmeme button.

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  • I second this – TweetMeme and FB ‘like’ buttons do not play well together. Whether I use the TweetMeme plugin and a FB plugin or just copy/paste code from both parent sites, only the FB button shows up – in fact it shows up twice, once where it’s supposed to be and once where the TweetMeme button is supposed to show up.

    Any help much appreciated! Unfortunately the site I’m working on isn’t live yet and won’t go live with this issue, so I have no link to share.

    Thanks, M

    Have you seen what I have now? It’s not what I wanted, but not perfect. If you want the code, email me at, I don’t have it with me at the moment.

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