• This is a fabulous plugin. I just moved files from the “Uncategorized” folder to the folder I wanted. Soon the “Uncategorized” folder was down to 34 files while the All Files folder still had 343. Plus I now have 10 new folders with anywhere from 7 to 65 images in each one. In other words, we now have the best of all worlds.

    As somebody pointed out, you can save an image to more than one Filebird folder. Here is how:

    Click on an image to Edit it. Then scroll down to the bottom of the Edit page and click on the Edit More Details link. That opens up another area, and in that area is a list of folders. Just check the one or ones you want to save the image in, and then “Update” your changes.

    Here is why that is valuable: We have pictures of our founder, Jose Silva. I have them in our People folder, and also in his own folder. In some of the pictures he is demonstrating his Holistic Faith Healing techniques, so I include those into the HFH folder. No need to decide which folder is best – he is in all 3 of them.

    Thank you Filebird for this wonderful plugin.

    Ed at SilvaESP

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