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  • I am not a person who generally provides reviews, mostly because of time constraints. However, I just had to come here and make an account with WP so I could join the chorus of happy GeneratePress users getting the word out to the WP community about this fantastic theme!

    I am a several-months new user of WordPress. I have no coding skills, yet want control over the customization of my site. I have two other (prominent, highly marketed) themes that offer me loads of customization control, but was having issues with both of them for various reasons.

    I was lucky enough to stumble upon GeneratePress, and within a couple days, have created a site I am going to be really happy with. I am thrilled to have control over fonts, colors, padding, layout–everything offered by this wonderful theme.

    Yes, I paid for the paid add-on package so I could have this control and was more than happy to pay for it, for what I received. Prior to finding this theme, I shopped around a lot. When you are in a market long enough, you recognize great value when you see it. Folks, this theme with its paid add-ons is fabulous value. The price of the add-ons is so reasonable, I still feel like I got all the functionality essentially for free. In other words, what he is charging is really nothing compared to what you receive.

    I therefore would encourage people who use the theme and are happy with it to make an extra donation! Let’s keep this developer able to do what he’s doing. He’s amazing…

    Much as I am happy to have all this control over the look of my site, I cannot claim that I did it totally alone. The support Tom, the developer provides, is fantastic. I honestly don’t know how he does it. He has a very active support forum, and he replies promptly with solutions to problems. I was even having difficulty with getting a sidebar widget (from another company) to read properly in mobile, and Tom generously gave me the code to fix it.

    This may sound strange, but my whole being is more relaxed using this theme than with any other I have tried. It is so easy to change things, see how they look, change them again, change them back. I feel comfortable trying things without fear of breaking everything. I literally breathe easier. I’m having fun! And knowing Tom has my back gives me extra confidence.

    I feel like I struck gold when I found this theme, and Tom is a gem!

    P.S. If I were reading this review, I might wonder if it were written by personal friend of Tom’s since it is so glowing. I promise you, I just met him through this theme’s forum a couple days ago! Anyway, read some of the other reviews here, and you will see tons of people who feel the same.

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    What a lovely read.

    Theme Author Tom


    Wow, what an amazing review! Thanks so much for taking the time! Reviews like this really inspire me to keep at it! 🙂 Thanks again!

    Tom, you are so welcome and so deserving of all the praise you receive from the many people who write reviews here on this forum! I hope you do keep at it–you are very talented!

    Great review. Totally agree.

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