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  • I’m using ezstatic but it doesn’t work to well using my template. . Does anyone know if it works for subdir’s? Something like emindex.php?static=eventsem to refer to the events folder which would include another php document.

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  • Hi Chadwick –

    I just added this plugin last night, and am pleased to tell you that I had no problem getting it to work with subdirectory:

    Mine is pointed to .html files, but I’m sure .php would work too.

    Hope that helps!

    Yes, EzStatic should work fine with subdirectories. If you point it straight at a directory (rather than a file in the directory) then it looks for an index file to use.

    Of course, the files have to exist if you want to use them. If your EzStatic URL is this:

    Then you must have a valid page here:

    Your site doesn’t currenlty seem to have this.

    Yeah i was unsure if it worked like that. But thanks for the heads up. I’ve tried to use ezstatic to include the wp-login.php in to my template but all i get is a white background when the link is clicked, and doesn’t show the login form.

    That’s probably not a good idea. Generally speking, you shouldn’t use EzStatic to insert WordPress core files into your layout.

    You could create a new form that has the same fields as wp-login.php that posts to wp-login.php, and then include that via EzStatic, but not the actual login file.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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