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[Resolved] EZ Email not working.

  • Good day. I have been having sending issues with this plugin ever since I have it. Is there a max number of people you can send an email to at any given time? If there isn’t a limit what setting can I check? I can create a admin login for you. Let me know. Thanks in advance.


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  • Plugin Author luigipulcini


    Hi badman010165,
    the plugin doesn’t have any limit per se, but you have definitely to refer to the limit the server is currently hosting your website has.
    For example, all my domains are on Justhost.com and they have 75 emails every 30 minutes limit. So if you are sending single emails to separate user you cannot send more than 75 in 30 minutes. Once you reach that limit, all the emails sent during the following 30 minutes will fail. But pay attention to this: if you are sending a single email with more recipients than the number allowed by your server that email will fail and no one will be sent.

    I am working on a major upgrade (possibly version 3.0) that will also help manage that kind of situation.

    How do I know the email limit on my hosting account with Go-Daddy?

    I checked the email account and there is a 250 limit. I am trying to send 219 so it should have went through but it didn’t.

    Plugin Author luigipulcini


    100 per task
    1000 per day

    95 emails / 15 minutes
    40 emails / 1 hour (if you have more than 1000 subscribers)


    I am not 100% sure of what 100 per task actually means, but please be aware that it could refer to the fact that you cannot send a single email with more than 100 recipients at a time.

    Where did you get that info from? Also how do I break up the number of subscribers if it has more than 219? All my customers is under a 100 and when I try to put them in the To: field and send a BCC copy to myself I didn’t get anything.

    Plugin Author luigipulcini


    I provided you with the link to that info.

    The current version of EZ Email does not allow to manage that kind of situation. As I mentioned earlier I am working on a major upgrade that will possibly help dealing with that.

    Last question I think: Whats the ETA on your update and any solutions(other plugins) in the meantime?

    Plugin Author luigipulcini


    Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA for the major upgrade I was talking about.
    As for the plugins, I assume that any plugin managing newsletters should solve your issue.
    Hope this helps.

    Thank you very much.

    Plugin Author luigipulcini



Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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