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  • if you take a look at the support and threads you’ll the developer took an open source project that doesnt belong to him and nearly every question is answered by nothing and is closed without any answers – just to let mmost of u know you do not need a heavy plugin to map osm maps to you blog – the open source project allows for many ways to do that – the developer is saying he is doing it “probono ” but in fact im sure he does more damage then good – the least id expect any plugin in wordpress to ooffer minimum support as stated by wordpress – which is clearly lacking here – u basicall cant use this for anything as developer took a common library and doesnt offer any explanation on hot to use his plugin – the explanation he does offer is identical to the one offered by the project itself which doesnt belong to him – it basically a form of copyright issue as he stole a library – posts it as is he devolped ot and as proof – cannot answe any single question..!! horrible and should be removed asap – id hate to think if a commercial site fell due to your plugoin how are they supposed to recieve answers when u cannot answe any single question asked so far lol ?

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