• I was quite happy with GADWP until version 5.3.1 and then overnight chaos struck. The update to version 6.0.0 made ALL features enjoyed until now for free became PRO.

    Furthermore, I manage my analytic code in a separate plugin that activates it only when user accepts for GDPR, and used to deactivate the code sending in GADWP in the settings.

    This settings has disappeared in version 6, so would have I not payed attention I’d be back to send the analytics code twice, that is leading to miscounts (and I know that for a fact because i inadvertently forgot to deactivate code sending on a site for a couple of months and the stats were a shamble, the bounce rate especially was an all time low).

    At the very least bring the google analytic code deactivation back in the free version (I don’t know if it’s in the pro, and given the overpricing of the plugin I’m not likely to find out)

    All of that and you have to see the price of the PRO version (I rounded up the 99.50 just to show it honestly):

    – 100$ for one site (“normally 199.50” says the site, as if it was discounted)
    – 200$ for 5 sites and pro features (allegedly discounted from 400)
    – 400$ for 25 sites (allegedly discounted from 800) That’s my range for now, I’m at 23 sites)
    – $700 for 100 sites (again em>allegedly discounted from 1400) and you have 200 sites and 500 sites licenses as well)

    So the prices are already rather steep, (honestly 100$ to see some stats that are a couple clicks away in Google dashboard, is a bit much for the convenience of showing them on the WP dashboard), but the alleged discount suggest that they may double in the future, (either that or that’s a marketing technique to make you feel you’re actually saving something).

    And ok, the plugin saves a ton of settings for GTM and allows for setting up your custom code just as you need it, so that’s the advantage and probably where its value lies, but for just pulling up the stats from an already set up analytics property and showing them on the WP dashboard it’s WAY overpriced

    So all in all I’m very unhappy with the version 6, since it stopped doing what it did (very well too) for free, and I’m removing it now from all the sites I’ve installed it on, not because it does not work, but because of the marketing policy changes. I would have been very happy to keep using it, and even installing pro version were needed it it had offered ADDED value. Instead the value was ripped off from it and made to pay. Just like a drug dealer offers its stuff for free to school kids for a time than makes them pay. Well not me, thanks.

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