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  • I’m having extremely slow page loading on both the site and the dashboard. I’m not seeing any errors in the apache error log.

    I actually installed a bare-bones installation of WordPress and a new database in the root of my web folder just to remove the chance of any issues with plugins, themes or virtual hosts.

    I’m running a cURL error reporting tool that turns around and loads the web page (by its local name.) and I am getting results that look like this…

    The script essentially does this :

    $execute = curl_exec($ch);
    $info = curl_getinfo($ch);
    // Time spent downloading, I think
    $time = $info['total_time']
          - $info['namelookup_time']
          - $info['connect_time']
          - $info['pretransfer_time']
          - $info['starttransfer_time']
          - $info['redirect_time'];


    Downloaded 6926 bytes in -0.0035 seconds.
    Which is -15.1538 mbps
    CURL said 0.0063 mbps
    curl_getinfo() said:
    url                            http://nas/
    content_type                   text/html; charset=UTF-8
    http_code                      200
    header_size                    206
    request_size                   147
    filetime                       -1
    ssl_verify_result              0
    redirect_count                 0
    total_time                     8.322598
    namelookup_time                0.001145
    connect_time                   0.001605
    pretransfer_time               0.002845
    size_upload                    0
    size_download                  6926
    speed_download                 832
    speed_upload                   0
    download_content_length        6926
    upload_content_length          0
    starttransfer_time             8.32049
    redirect_time                  0
    certinfo                       Array

    So it looks like something is going on in the PHP….

    How do I further narrow this down?

    Local non-php pages load in fractional seconds.

    This user appears to be experiencing the same problem….

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  • Hi,
    This question is probably more suited to the synology forums.

    NAS devices (such as the one you’ve described) are very different (in terms of specs/performance) than commercially available web hosting.

    It may be that your NAS is working at its limit (to produce that page, and perform whatever other processes it is doing – indexing media…etc), and for that reason the speed is slow. The Synology forums may have tips on how you can further optimise your device to improve the result.

    I am not too familiar with the 410j – but the ‘j’ does stand for ‘junior’, so perhaps this performance is expected.

    (This is not, strictly, a WordPress issue)

    Jibbius :

    I agree that it should be posted in the Synology forum (and it is also there.)

    I have the ability to check processor and disk bottlenecks and it isn’t there, it appears to be some configuration with Apache or php as similar things (that aren’t php) are loading very fast. The Synology people seem to think this isn’t expected.

    So, what I am looking for is any help debugging/logging where php is spending its time so that I can at least pinpoint where the slowdown is occurring. Any hints on how to go about doing this?

    I’d like to at least prove that it is a hardware issue before giving up.


    If this wasn’t vanilla WordPress, I’d suggest looking at some wordpress plugins that are designed to give you a better look at the volume of work the site is doing: P3, and WP Debug Objects. These may even still be useful in a vanilla environment.

    Other than that, this is about the edge of my expertise. If you post the details of your <?php phpinfo(); ?> someone might be able to comment further.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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