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  • urbanbedougirl


    Hello all –

    I am a blogger who uses Bluehost as my server. My blog can be found at

    This morning I discovered that my blog was taking forever to load! Not only my blog but also accessing my dashboard was impossible. I went through THREE different tech reps with my hosting server, Bluehost, and the first two were rude and unhelpful. They told me it was a issue. The third one said that he could help me but then signed off of the support chat during our conversation.

    Can anyone help with this issue? FYI – please don’t use tech lingo with me I’m fresh to from Blogger and have no knowledge of FTPs or coding or anything. Feel free to explain it like I’m an idiot.

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  • Harry


    I checked your blog, it took under 5 seconds to load. Which is pretty fast and normal. Is your internet slow in general? If you’re using a wireless modem, try turning it off for 20-30secs, then switch it back on and see if you connection speed has improved.



    Apparently the issue was due to my Twitter plugins? I deleted the plugins so hopefully that is what solved the problem.

    It’s still running very slow on my computer – I’m at work and using my work computer to check. As long as other people are able to get to it quickly I’m happy.



    Well, just checked it again there.

    It seems to be fine, if you’re happy the problem is resolved just marked it as resolved in the title, if not keep it open for a while longer.

    All the best,



    This is really weird – I just tried it from my home computer and it’s also slow. I thought that it might be because of my work computer. Even attempting to access my dashboard takes forever. My page loads after a minute but my dashboard took about two minutes to load.

    Any tips on how to fix this? Not sure why it’s only having this problem with me. Tried it on two different computers with two completely different internet servers.



    I’m sorry my reply won’t help you to fix this specific issue, but using plugins such as wp total cache or wp super cache could reduce your loading times.



    Do you have any other Twitter-related plugins? If the Twitter plugin pulling data on the front of your site was slowing things down, it’s possible that a Twitter plugin, or any plugin, which is pulling data for your site’s admin might be slowing it down in the admin section.

    Try deactivating plugins bit by bit and see if it speeds up the admin area. If it does, you’ll have an idea of what plugins might be causing it and you can get rid of those ones or search for replacements.

    You may also want to consider deactivating all plugins at the same time for testing purposes.

    You have ‘W3 Total Cache’ and the page does load slow, the initial load time is fast enough around 2 seconds, but the loading of all the images on the home page is slow, Pingdom stops at 11 seconds, just to much content.

    You can do a couple of things, reduce the number of posts shown to around 5 in Admin > Settings > Reading, as the posts are quite long it would not be a problem.

    Reduce the quantity and size of the images, and use WP Smush IT to reduce image disk size.

    In the settings for SexyBookmarks change to not show on home page or the lists, as this has to load for each post.
    Admin > Sharaholic.

    • ‘Load scripts in Footer’ set to ‘yes’ (checked) one less header script to load
    • ‘Menu Location (in relation to content)’ set to ‘Below Content’
    • ‘Posts, pages, or the whole shebang?’ set to ‘Posts Only’

    Activate and try the twenty eleven default theme to see if it is the theme that is causing the slowness, the content or as already said a plugin conflict.



    I think the images are a lot to do with it, look at the KB sizes!
    Your Website: images 42 (4922.5KB)
    My Website: images 41 (926.4KB)

    Huffington Post news website has a lot of images 266 (1569.6KB)





    Thank you all for your suggestions.

    I already have deleted all Twitter related plug-ins. I also have W3 Total Cache and WP Smush IT on my site. Any other ways to reduce my image size? I don’t have Photoshop or any image software except GIMP.

    Digital Raindrops – I’ll try out your other suggestions as well. Thanks!



    I can’t even log into the dashboard anymore to try out the suggestions that every has because the page keeps timing out.



    @digital Raindrops –

    I just went back and “re-smushed” some of my images. Apparently there were a lot that Smush It never touched. I’m assuming they were uploaded onto my page before I downloaded the plug-in.

    Not sure what you used to scan the image size but could you possible check and see if that helped the size? Thanks for your help.

    Your Website Images:47 (1943.4KB)

    Use ^^ this link and retest to check, it is affected at different times by peak web traffic, the first bar is the initial load.

    Initial load less than 1.6 seconds fully loaded 7.2 seconds.

    Research the different cache plugins, I tried W3 Total Cache, but changed to WP Super Cache, and I tried quite a few more before that.

    <!-- Performance optimized by W3 Total Cache. Learn more:
    Minified using disk: basic
    Page Caching using disk: enhanced
    Object Caching 1774/1886 objects using disk: basic
    Served from: @ 2011-09-02 12:08:37 -->





    Are you logged in on both computers when you view the site by chance? I know a lot of people have had trouble with the admin bar slowing down their site when logged in on an administrator account.

    Edit Your Profile in the dashboard. There are two checkboxes for the admin bar. Uncheck them both and see if that helps. Might not be the problem, but I know it’s worked for other folks.

    No fun if you can’t get to the dashboard though, I guess 🙁

    What has been changed, getting a feed for the home page?




    Ok so I went back in and re-sized images, re-optimized images where I could and cleared all cache again. I also took Digital Raindrops suggestion and changed my pages from 8 posts per page to 5 posts per page. Additionally I made the SexyBookmarks edits as well.

    Last but not least I took Elieka’s advice about the admin bar. I made that change and now my home page is popping up super quick. I’m hoping that is the final solution. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t go back to being slow.

    Can anyone else tell me now if you go to does the page load fairly quickly or is it taking a while? Hopefully I can mark this as a resolved issue. 🙂

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