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  • Hey y’all,
    I’m really at a lose here, I have a few web hosting plans with GoDaddy, I’m using wordpress to manage them, and all was good and well in the beginning. for the past few months, the websites are horribly slow, at the point of unusable, trying to load the dashboard, or any other page, back or front, is unbearably slow and I’m losing A LOT of work due to that issue.
    At first I googled a bit, tried all the P3 and cache plugins, tried to reinstall WP, repaired the DB and what not. with all these things not working, I’ve contacted GoDaddy support (which is to my surprise very useless, time consuming and simply purposeless), I’ve contacted them a few times, over the phone and also using live chat. In all the conversations they offered me to do all the things I’ve already tried and simply couldn’t help me solve my problem with them.
    I just gave up on their support, sadly I’m still paying them normally for their lousy services. I really hate being the mad customer, but in this case it’s annoying that you’re expecting to get the minimum of support and you’re getting nothing.

    This forum is my last resort to get help, because I don’t really want to move all my hosting from GoDaddy, I stopped working with them since that, and only managing my existing stuff that I have there, but not creating new sites.

    So please, if anyone know something about what can I do, this is a real cry for help here.


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  • You’re not going to like this answer but it really is the best thing you can do…

    Ditch GoDaddy and move to a better host. Seriously, there are more problems with GD sites and GD support here than just about any other hosting provider. I won’t even touch clients sites on GD now because they all run like treacle. So do yourself a favour and get some proper hosting. Life will be so much easier.

    Although we do not personally endorse them, there are some hosts listed here. Also searching the forums using the keywords “host” or “hosting” may provide you with some suggestions.

    Hi @esmi,
    it’s unfortunate that GoDaddy thinks they can keep up like that.
    I wanted to avoid that but as it seems now there’s no other choice.
    thanks for the reply!

    @rbs250 Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your site speed. What hosting plan are you currently on? Is it our latest cPanel or Managed WP hosting? Can you give me a site or some more details so we can dig into this with you? More than happy to help and get this all squared away. Thanks in advance. ^Colby

    Hi Colby @godaddy,

    I’ve been through all these questions with the tech support (more than a few times) and it just feels like a broken record now, they looked at my websites and said nothing’s wrong with the servers. However, the issues are there and still preventing me from working as I should.

    I’ve sent an email to the support team with all the details. Not that I count about them solving the issue, but worth the shot.

    Thanks and have an amazing day.

    @rbs250 I am sorry that I’m asking for the same info, I couldn’t locate it with what we have on this thread or your profile. Can you give me the ticket number if its not too much trouble? I’d like to personally dig into this and see why this is occurring with my hosting teams. Once I have researched I will post an update here for you. ^Colby

    Yeah, the Incident ID is: 23184088.
    You can also see all the chat recored and the calls I’ve made, to get more info about what was done.

    Looking forward for an update.

    Thank you 🙂 Will get back to you as soon as I have all the info researched and looked at. Might not be until later tonight or tomorrow.



    hey RBS… I’m curious to know… did you ever get this resolved?

    @elizabethschorr: It is considered impolite to interrupt another poster’s ongoing thread unless you are posting a solution or suggestion. As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    @elizabethschorr, time will tell. They’re working on it.

    @rbs250 – Our hosting team has sent you an email, in follow up to the phone call. They fixed one issue and provided suggestions on resolving the second. Please let us know if you continue to see issues after following the provided steps. ^Colby

    @godaddy Hi Colby, They did fixed the first issue, thank you.
    I’ve replied, still having issues with the second one.


    Thanks @rbs250 – Will have our teams check that out and reply to you again with an update. ^Colby

    Wanted to add my 2 cents based on experience working with client’s WordPress site on GoDaddy’s hosting.

    Check what type of hosting plan you’re on. GoDaddy still has some very old Linux hosting plans that are pretty useless for WordPress. They’re older, but many people might be on them since they don’t know any better.

    The only way to fix performance issues with WordPress in this case, is to switch to Deluxe cPanel hosting (or if you pay more to WordPress hosting plan).

    This requires GoDaddy support representative to create cPanel order for a dummy domain. For example, if your domain is – cPanel hosting plan should be (or whatever). This allows you to migrate your site over without taking website down. Once you finish migration, you have to delete old hosting plan and wait for the system to update, and then change main domain in cpanel to the correct domain.

    It’s a hassle for sure. Migrating to a new hosting company is easier, and recommended. But, I did want to mention this in case anyone else stumbles on this thread.

    Thanks for the important info.

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