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  • You can see for yourself how many questions have been unanswered and just closed without resolve before installing. However, the most troublesome issue is that if the plugin is activated and you log out, getting in again may be a nightmare. I’m having this issue now and hoping I might get a response in a timely fashion but not holding my breath.

    Lovely plugin and very customizable but need a lot of work that doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

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  • Maldito


    Hey there.

    Free plug-ins are always to be used cautiously, no matter how well or how bad it has been rated previously. For this kind of issue you may have, you always have the possibility to use the FTP (file transfer protocol) to remove manually the plugin. Loads of tutos on how to do it on google. Search for a solution before under rating other people’s work, furthermore if this work is shared for free.




    Thank you, and I already knew how to remove it via FTP. So the bottom line is whether or not an app is offered for free is not the point. Many developers have created free apps that were so good that later they offered paid versions. That’s the kind of reputation you want when you put an app out there, right?

    So being free isn’t an excuse for a poorly-functioning app. I understand your point; I do. Understand ours. Mine isn’t the first post related to this.

    Additionally, there’s no way to remove the emails addresses that people leave to be contacted after the site is back up.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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