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  • I’ve been having problems with memory usage on my site, and have found the cause to be the Crayon plugin.

    Disabling the plugin, the average memory usage is just under 40mb. With the plugin enabled, this rockets up to an average of 135mb and kills page load time.

    Can you recommend anything to resolve this? It’s a great plugin and very useful, so would be a shame to have to look for something else.



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  • +1. I have the same issue with this plugin.

    I ran a scan with P3 Plugin profiler and this plugin accounts for 77% of the page load time which comes to 1.7975 sec.

    I really like this plugin for what it does, I hope there should be a way to make it memory efficient.

    I’ve encountered the same thing. When I was looking for a code plugin I visited several sites using this one, and they all loaded very slow. You could watch the crayon syntax highlighter load piece by piece at tmes.

    I really like this plugin. I have three plugins on my site, and this is one of them. I’ve found if you do away with features it helps out quite a bit.

    I never use the toolbar or the striped lines. Very rarely will i use the numbers. However, most of the code I post is one to three lines.

    But like I said, turn off the toolbar and striped lines and you’ll see improvements. Keeping my style very simple even helps me.

    I’m disappointed to see no “official” response to the performance issues caused by Crayon, seeing as these posts are over a month old now. I’m finding the same thing – page load times went from 3-4 seconds to 9-10 seconds after installing Crayon.

    Love it’s easy of use, and easy of adding code to a page… don’t love the poor performance. I guess I’ll have to keep trying out other solutions as well… ugh.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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