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  • your price has been increased a lot from $186 for 20 domains – almost 1000% !!
    I think you should give your loyal customers the price they pay and they were the ones who originally supported your business to grow.

    There are a lot of other options now with much cheaper prices.

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  • Hi @astrgn,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Our prices have changed due to a number of reasons:

    • We have improved and will continue to improve our support. Because of more global coverage, we are able to answer any and all emails a lot faster.
    • Our goal is to extend the features of our plugin even more than we already did. When we added the redirect manager, social previews, multiple keywords and internal linking tool to Yoast SEO Premium, we did not change our pricing. We are now at the point that the change in pricing is needed to further improve and maintain our plugins.
    • The dollar/euro ratio has changed quite a lot over the past months, to an extent where we felt the same price in euros and dollars is no longer justified.
    • On top of all that, we have set up a new user platform, MyYoast. This new platform integrates seamlessly with our premium plugins and offers you more control over your subscriptions, the sites these subscriptions are used on and more.

    That said, we offer discounts to customers who decide to renew their subscription in advance. If you haven’t received your renewal discount, please contact our support team to get yours!

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    Every premium plugin who want to stay in business improves their software, it is your JOB!.. but they do not increase like you did extremely 1000% to take advantage of webmasters or small business users.

    Also the so called discount you claim you give only to people who renews their subscription is just a gimmick! Because new users get the same price. So there is no special advantage being a loyal customer.

    Hi @astrgn,

    Thanks for following up.

    We don’t know why you say the discount is a gimmick. For example, the price of a single-site subscription for Yoast SEO Premium is $89 (which is the price new users would pay). However, with the renewal discount (20% at the moment), the price would be $71.2. On top of that, we automatically provide additional discounts for multi-site subscriptions.

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    Yes it is a GIMMICK!! your online price for new customers and for your old customers is the same but you claim in your emails that you sent your current customers that you are giving them a special early renewal deal. but actually it is NOT!!. You Are lying!! see yourself at

    Hi @astrgn,

    Before a subscription expires, our system automatically sends a renewal reminder email to our customers including a renewal discount. If you have’t received yours, please contact our support team so that they can manually generate a discount code for you.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

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