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  • Tested the base version for fun locally plus the demo @ and immediately Windows Vista came to my mind.

    I cannot say anything bad about the “visual” design since it’s a very neutral one, though each element behaves without any concept if it comes to the responsiveness of the layout and how it behaves dynamically, for example if you resize the browser below the desktop breakpoint (955px) then you’ll get the sidebars shoved below the main content, which is of course practical for the coder since he doesn’t have to think about other innovative solutions but impractical for the well-disposed daily user.

    And also for the rest… oh-boy! This thing will burn your server and the IT staff in the data centre alive in a blink since it calls way too many scripts or instances in general at once and not only your own locally stored ones but also way too much from external sources. Which also means it’s absolutely not recommended if you want an optimal SEO friendly platform, and speed is sadly very important. Or you invest in good multi-core servers and a proper CDN service since plugins like w3c and others won’t help you here anymore.

    I don’t want to go into the “the free version offers nothing and the rest is going cost you a fortune” debate since that’s obvious and clear so people see this way before they spend a dime so no criticism with such kind of business practices but the Peepso platform doesn’t seem to be a properly thought through package.

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