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  • Hi,

    We’re running a webzine on WordPress, our visitors are from all over the world.
    We used Joomla before but switched to WordPress in august 2011.
    We like WordPress above Jooma but since the switch our traffic has increased with 500% (about 1,5Gb per day at this moment) whereas the number of visitors per day have increased with only 10%.
    We’ve done everything to keep the traffic usage on our webzine as low as possible like using links to pictures on picasa/flickr instead of hosting the images ourselves (except for small previews).

    My question is: How do I figure out what part of the website or which plugin is causing this huge datatraffic?
    Our webhost is offering webalizer stats and in there I can see most hits are generated by which is an IP address from Google I found out. I guess that should be all right then…. right?

    Then there is another strange host address that is generating the most traffic and has a really strange host address: 2a01:7c8:eb:0:95:170:70:251
    I did an whois on that address and it turns out to be our own webhost, why is it generating so much traffic???

    Can anyone give me advice how to investigate this matter? What is the best approach?
    We are gong to tripple our traffic limit per month which will bring a lot of costs to us.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hello…

    Have you tried Cloudflare? I would highly recommend them – I switch my (useless) Go Daddy name servers to theirs and all my problems stopped!

    It’s free, and won’t cause any hiccups when switching, it didn’t for me anyway!

    Hope this helps

    Thanks for the hint, but do you recognize any of the problems I explained from your old situation?

    If you were to ask Go-Daddy they’d tell you there weren’t any!!! I had them run diagnostics for 35 minutes – they could see the problems, but couldn’t offer an explanation as to why they were happening!

    How many images are you calling from your HTML (img src), and are you able to log into your back-end (wp-admin)?

    I was wondering whether anything I wrote in my first post looks familiar to the problems you had that were solved by switching to Cloudflare.
    I’m just checking whether your solution would work for me because you had similar problems. Still I have no idea…. could you please clearify.

    Can anyone help me please with this?
    We are over 175% data usage and still 11 days to go this month.
    It’s getting really expensive.

    To be able to exclude the weird host (which is our local webhost) I need WordPress to use relative links for it’s menu system (not for external links that are in the articles itself)
    There aren’t any plugins who can do that (well I didn’t find them).

    Please help!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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