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  • I’ve been burning the midnight oil lately and making some rather significan changes to my site. I know some of you have already seen it (thanks for the comments and the help, you know who you are) but we’ve also had some new people recently, so I thought I’d give notice and let everyone know that it’s out there.
    Some features you’ll see:
    * Super-Uber BlockQuote
    * Pull-Quote excerpts (ala )
    * Category links displayed as dynamic buttons
    * Post Meta info displayed as same category buttons
    * Drop shadow Post Titles (ala )
    * Jokes, poems and even an online novel ( a work in progress )
    * The Great List ‘O Links to other sites and blogs
    * The Acronymit Plugin in action (although it doesn’t get much use, as I need to update it. )
    * The Waypath plugin – see “realated” posts on the ‘net
    And comming soon:
    * I plan to add phpGiggle
    * More of my writting, chapter 1’s final scene should be completed withing the next couple of weeks. Followed shortly by the remainder of chapter 2.
    * Better static pages -ones that are more integrated with WP for searchability
    * The WP2PDF converter plugin
    * More jokes – I’ve got a ton of this stuff. Enough to post something new every day and not need to repeat my self for at least 18 months!
    * Any other cool little gizzmo plugin that comes along that I like.

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  • Sorry techgnome yoy have got *issues*. At max width on my monitor the badges are badly overrunning the menu width.

    Root – same with mine, can’t make them smaller or the text becomes badly readable, and if I shorten them, some of the text gets cut off. I’m also not 100% sold on them either, I just may chalk it upto an experiment gone bad. Also, later this week some of my categories will go away (after I move their posts to the “General” category.
    I just remembered a couple more things I plan to add when I get time:
    * Truly Collapsable menuing system
    * Sticky posts – why *aren’t* they a part of base WP yet?

    Widen the menu?

    Gee, I didn’t see “amazon wishlist” or “news feeds” or “top referers” on your list at all! 😉
    Otherwise, looking slick…

    Nah… I thought about that except the background behind the menu wouldn’t expand as it’s part of the whole background of the site. What I did do was find the error(s) in my calculations on the with needed for the image, and changed a couple of the longer category names. Looks MUCH better now!.

    I think there is room for writings and scribbling if it is nudged left a bit. BUT the series below seem to be offset right, a bit. No doubt this is going to be funky when its finished. Nice work.

    root- thanks….. I didn’t even think about nudging the list over….. will give that a go tonight.
    davit – Bah! Don’t really have an “Amazon Wishlist” – at least not one that’s related to writing (my current list is all geek stuff not releated to the sitE)…. hmmm…. I guess I could change that…. but the people visiting are not likely to buy stuff on it for me…. but I could try their associate deal…. display featured reading/writting books…..
    As for news feeds and top referrers, don’t really care much about referrers (yet, maybe later) and haven’t found a good rss feed site for writting related “news”. If anyone knows of any, be sure to let me know.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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