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    I’ve configured the Attitude theme slider text for a couple of sliders, but in the first slider image, there’s some added extraneous text (in the grey box) that is not part of the slider text I configured/installed. For example, I’ve typed in a 3 word phrase in the slider text box (in the edit post) and when I save the post and view the site, there is some extra text that shows in the grey box. I’ve checked the db, and found the line with the extraneous text, edited it, saved it and then when I view the index page slider and the feature text, the slider text is fine -just those three words. BUT – If I edit any part of the site (add some text to a page – it doesn’t matter what I change/do) – that extraneous text reappears? I don’t know where it is coming from nor do I know where that text might have been entered when the theme was installed. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • clear your cash in your browser and see if that clears the browser.

    what is the URL?

    The cache is cleared – but I don’t think it’s the issue, because that extraneous text appears in the database only after I make any kind of change to the site.

    Sorry – I had the feature text disabled. It’s now enabled. All I had in the comments for that first slider is “Commercial Retail Lighting” The rest, I have no idea where it’s coming from.

    It pulls it from each page with the featured image. To choose to not have that text there go to your child theme (if using one) if not go to appearance > editor > and locate the option

    .featured-text and type
    .featured-text {
    display: none;

    The first image is the only one that has extraneous random generated text. Random beyond the first three words, which I typed in the feature text box. Every other slider image is fine – you get the text I put in the box – nothing extraneous.

    I did use the code as you have suggested, but it disables all the slider feature text. Something is generating theis extra text in the first slider: “JD Electric, Industrial Electrical ContractorsUSA” I have no idea where this is coming from.

    Send me the link It’s the first slider image.

    What page or post is that slide image the feature image of? The link doesn’t work so I can’t look at it.

    Did you do this: assign the page you want the slider image to point to as the feature image on the right bottom side?

    and then go in and type in the page/post number in the theme options or did you make it yourself?

    I disabled the ability to click the slider to view the post – it just doesn’t make sense from a user standpoint.

    I assigned the feature image to the post in the bottom right side. I typed in the feature text in the text box.

    I assigned the page/post number in the theme options – specifically the “Featured Post/Page Slider tab. under “Slider Options”, I set the number of slides to use etc.

    I’ve done everything correct. I cannot, however, find out where the added extraneous slider (1st one only) feature text is coming from.

    Again, I can go directly into the database, remove that extraneous text from a “record” I found – save it – and all is good. Until I update any part of the site. Then, that extraneous extra text reappears appended to the “Commercial Retail Lighting” text I’ve set up originally.

    I’ve just removed the text feature with css and uploaded new photoshop’ed images.

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