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    So, I’ve made a huge mess…then in fixing the mess I REALLY broke things.

    Problem: I have a fresh install under a new domain on my old hosting. In playing with the DNS and setting things up I totally blew out my old wordpress install and decided to jump the gun and just uninstall it then re-install it in the new location.

    Before I started messing with everything I created several backups which I have. I also did an export.

    Now, with the new install i’ve re-installed all of my plugins and my theme. Then I tried an import with my old data and while it brought in all of the comments, tags and post titles the body of the posts is random. Some only carried over 1 word. Others carried over a paragraph and a half. None carried over completly.

    I am using Permalinks on both set to use the posts title as the URL. However, the directory for the old (/WordPress/) and new (/Blog/) are totally different.

    At this point looking for any information on how to restore the posts completly on the new blog or extract the text so i can re-post them or enter the body text back into the imported posts.

    Thanks in advance for your help and patience!

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    extract the text so..

    all exports and any mysql dumps are just text files.

    open the file(s) up, find the stuff, copy, paste.

    Excellent, found the stuff – it’s just in a HUGE dump. So, I assume my only real option is to sort through the block of old post data, isolate the text in the mess then transfer it? Any way to avoid that – or not at this point?

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