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  • How can I extract the raw textual content of pages and posts from the sql file of a WP installation? My installation was compromised – possibly a dodgy plugin according to my host – and the hosting company suspended the domain and wiped it, but have kindly given me the sql dump so I can try and recover my content rather than have to start completely from scratch. I’ve opened the file in NotePad (yikes, that’s horrible) and then converted the sql file to a csv file so I could open it in Excel (nearly as bad) but I still can’t see the ‘posts’ text.
    I can’t re-upload it to the site because there are scripts that my host is concerned about, and I don’t have a server running on my own pc (not that I’d want to run it there either, if it might expose my own pc to exploits!). All I’m trying to do is find the raw page content so I can export that to a text file rather than have to rewrite the entire site from memory!

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