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  • During installation of a plugin, is it possible (maybe via self-extracting?) to place a file (or files) in a specific folder?

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  • Is there a specific reason to keep certain files in a different folder, when installing a plugin?

    Technically, you can do what you described, when you install a plugin manually (using cPanel, Plesk, SFTP, etc), but I don’t think the plugin would work as expected, unless you put them in wp-content/plugins, mu-plugins or in a directory inside wp-content/plugins. You may change the location of these areas via wp-config.php. But, again, a plugin would work, only if WordPress can find it in the right place.

    Just for the sake of learning how to create a plugin, I’ve started out with a child theme to contain my code. It consist of different pages which use custom templates that include the php files, two of which are published here (the other is the Edit Car page). I’ve just finished the Upload page which is not published yet.

    On to the next part ……how to properly structure it so that it works as a plugin. I’m assuming that the templates should be copied to the active theme, a separate page created for each and the appropriate template set, all of which I’ve figured out. Assumption #2 is that the rest of the program files should be moved to and run from the plugin folder. I’ve just started reading the docs on wp hooks. Granted, WP is all new to me so, I guess the real question is am I headed in the right direction?

    function sanity_check_required() 🙂

    am I headed in the right direction?

    I do think so.

    Disclaimer: I’m not into plugin development. So, I hope someone with the plugin development would chip in.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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