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  • I set up a whole site in wordpress, so we’re installed in the root folder. the homepage of wordpress is a single “page” within wordpress, because it’s mostly static content. however, I want to have one post “featured” in this page, and figured I would set up a “featured” category in which to place that featured post.

    I created a standalone template file for just this page, which basically comments out all of the headings, comments, and other formatting and gives me a blank page in which I can write whatever HTML I want into the homepage by editing the “page” in wordpress.

    so can someone help me insert the correct PHP code to insert the contents of a single category into the page’s HTML? remember, I won’t be inserting this into the template file, rather the actual HTML of the page.


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  • Moderator Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    I don’t think you can do that easily. Perhaps you can make a custom template for the home page and display the post before or after the loop with get_posts().

    This way you could display the latest post, or the latest from a selected category, or even a random post, or a random post from the last 10, etc.

    If you want to use html, just make the template for the home page and instead of going to “write page” go to “edit template” and paste it there.

    how about putting most of the php code before the output of the page, but then using something like echo or include to embed the content in the html page.

    or hey, how about javascript? the way I see this, all of the php queries are like running functions in a separate .js file, and then when you need the output you just drop javascript into your html.

    obviously I’m relatively new to PHP 🙂

    Moderator Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Well, you can do tons of stuff in WP. Maybe start here:
    and here:

    And to learn a bit about php you’ll need something like this:

    thanks for the links, azaozz. any shot someone out there could just drop some code here in this forum for me; I’m sure I’m not the first person who’s tried to do this?

    If you promise to forget the “html” page – there might be solutions. Everything in WP is PHP!

    Since you have a separate Page template for your homepage, you could put in the template file (NOT in the content area when writing!) a recent posts plugin tag that calls 1 (one) post from X category. It would always show the lates post from your “featured” cat.

    so you’re saying that a <table> tag is now “PHP”?? mmm hmm. anyway, sorry if I misrepresented myself. I DO have a separate page template called homepage.php that the Page for my homepage solely uses. however, the latest post tag would have to get sandwiched between other editable content. so, I’m halfway there, now how do I call the single post from X category?


    Table, probably, is not php but who is using tables for design? The WP template files are a combination of php functions (called template tags here) and html elements, but the files’ extension is .php – that’s why it is confusing to mention “html pages”.

    I wrote: a recent posts plugin tag.
    Plugins >

    also, note that the homepage of the average WP site is NOT a ‘mostly static page’. generally it’s sort of page 1 of the archives (since everything defaults to date paged). Yes you can then create a custom home page via a page template.

    Just making sure we’re all talking the same language. 😉


    thanks…is it the one that is called “get recent posts”? that one seems to do what I need it to, but I’m still back to being able to insert the post between other editable content.

    What is “other editable content”? Editable by which means? Do you mean as a normal WP Page’s content from the Write > Write Page?

    yes…I’m not the one doing the editing though…it’s for a client who unfortunately is very green when it comes to the internet. I’m lucky I’m even getting her to use WP as the backbone for her website.

    so I’m trying to make it easy for her.

    Now, to be honest, you can’t have that many “editable” things on tha Page: all you can edit is a text/content part. Which usually means one text block.
    What else?
    (note: not asking clear questions you’ll never get clear answers…)

    Edit. If it is for a client – I am for hire if you want more specific advise. 🙂

    sorry if I’m not being clear, part of the problem is truly that one word means like 10 different things in this world…you have to be extremely picky about how you say things.

    okay different approach, taking into account davidchait’s comment above.

    there are four blocks of text/information/copy/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it on the homepage. three of them will pretty much stay the same, changing once in a while. one (#3 in the sequence) is just a “featured post” for which I have created a separate Category; there will only ever be one post in that category, albeit the post may change from time to time.

    so how’s this angle…put each of those blocks of text as posts in the “Featured” category, and then just show that category on the homepage of the blog.

    I can then use a Category template for that page to make sure the styling is the way I need it to be, and HOPEFULLY there’s a way to make three of the four posts “sticky” so they can retain their position in the sequence of my homepage.

    please tell me this makes more sense.

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