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Extra UL output on second call

  • We’re using the plugin to populate two tabs with columns of categories. One tab shows the child categories of one parent and the other shows all the categories entirely. However this second call ends up outputting a second < /ul > and screwed up all the sidebar formatting.

    This is outputting a three column list BTW. Also, we updated your CSS as it was having problems with three columns in the sidebar. Here’s the CSS changes. The important bit was the LI CSS was needed to override some sidebar inheritance.

    .multi-column-taxonomy-list ul{
    	padding: 4px 8px 0 0 !important;
    	margin-left:0 !important;
    	width:30% !important;
    .multi-column-taxonomy-list li{
    	width:100% !important;
    .multi-column-taxonomy-list a{
    	border-bottom:1px dotted #53575f;
    	padding:3px 0 2px 1px !important;

    Can find bug and fix?



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  • Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    Can you provide a link to the page?

    Update: Nevermind, I see it. I’ll get a fix out. Nice catch.

    BTW, just a suggestion, you might want to put some \n’s in your output so everything doesn’t come out as one huge line. Just for readability if nothing else.



    Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    Version 1.2 is up and fixes this bug.

    As far as the new lines, that’s not really a big concern.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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