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    I am using the EXTRA theme from Elegant Themes with Ultimate Member. (I have also notified Elegant of this issue too so I hope one of you can fix it). EXTRA uses a star rating system with this theme. When I enable Ultimate Member the ability to rate a post disappears. Normally this would not be a huge issue but how EXTRA displays posts etc. is directly related to these ratings.



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  • I believe I saw this being addressed and fixed on the elegant themes site support site. I don’t have a specific link as I was there for another Extra Theme / Ultimate Member related issue.

    I too have Ultimate Member Installed, but the issue I’m having is that after activating Ultimate Member, I can no longer edit post/pages that use the Divi Builder. When I activate a section in the builder I get stuck on the loading spinner.



    Hey murphytwin no unfortunately they tell me at Elegant that it is still unresolved. I have disabled Ultimate Member (obviously picking the theme over the plugin) and I just activate it every time they have an update but still no luck.

    Hmm never checked your issue. May just be best to keep it disabled for now. They are just ignoring us anyway.

    bigswp, I may have found a solution – at least one that worked for me.

    In an unrelated memory limit issue I had to look into, I noticed my php version was not current. I upgraded to the current one (this client is on godaddy) and when I did it also gave me the ability change the allocated memory to a higher number.

    When I went to check the Ultimate Member Issue, It worked. I’ll get the client to look and see if it worked for them. If so, it would seem that the issue is related to php version and/or memory limit available to php – at least in my case.

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    Can you please submit a support ticket via our website so we can help you with this. You can submit a ticket on this page: https://ultimatemember.com/support/

    This doc provides instructions on how to submit a ticket:



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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