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  • Dan


    Hi Hassan & folks,

    I am using EXTRA theme by Elegant Themes (a Divi derivate).
    As soon I activate the theme, filed “visibility” created from this plugin here is gone.
    No conflicts with other plugins, it’s simply the theme 🙁

    I read attentively your FAQs but did not came up with any working solution.
    Of course I could switch themes quickly when working on the menu but it’s on the live server. The biggest trouble is the widget loss happening sometimes (I have a lot of them…).

    So, any thoughts please?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author shazdeh



    Unfortunately I don’t have the EXTRA theme to test this on, however the issue is almost always the same. The main issue is WP doesn’t allow adding custom fields to menu items, so any theme or plugin that wants to add some options to those, has to sort of “hack” the interface. There really isn’t any way to fix this conflict (that I know of) beside this: (see “Workaround #1”). I’m sad to say despite what that FAQ post says the original idea was not mine, but if the theme were to implement menu item custom fields as suggested in that page, the conflict would be gone.
    Please contact the theme authors and ask them to review that change. it’s easy to implement, and means other plugins that also use this feature would be compatible as well.

    Off-topic, that widget disappearance issue has been plaguing WP for so long. I really hope soon WP gets a new Widgets API that fixes the mess that is widgets.



    Hello Shazdeh,

    Thanks a lot for your very prompt answer! Yeah I thought. I really tried the way it is described in “Workaround #1”. I was just failing as I did not find out in which file I have to put this snippet. Is this somewhere an admin include PHP? “admin nav menu Walker”
    Please excuse but in WP Core I am lost… Any specific path to the file and the filename itself would be utmost helpful…

    Off-topic: Yeah it is kinda sad and ridiculous at the same time Widget mess is not solved yet. I mean WP Update after update. But when playing around with themes you have to do a screenshot from your widget page first in order to bring them back to their original place…it is just aaaaaahhhh. Well.

    Thank you!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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