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    I’m noticing an extra space appearing between my Ticker Items after the first cycle is completed.

    The space keeps enlarging with every new cycle.

    I also tried setting TICK SPACING (spacing between scrolling data) to zero px.
    With this setting, the Ticker Items appear sticking in the first cycle. In the cycles that follow, the space between Ticker Items keeps increasing on its own.

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    Can you provide a link to your ticker so I can see what is happening? The ticker does not duplicate ticks automatically, so if your current ticks do not fill the screen, the first tick won’t start again until it has completely left the screen which can cause a larger gap between the last tick and the first tick.

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    Thank you for your reply

    The site is on my localhost
    (dont know if there is a way for u to see it running)

    ..was testing DITTY TICKER if it could replace the HORIZONTAL SCROLLING ANNOUNCEMENT by GopiPlus. HSA perfectly served the purpose but discontinued Updates for newer versions of WordPress (http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2010/07/18/horizontal-scrolling-announcement/)

    This is what i had done while testing DITTY TICKER

    01. First, i had added just 2 ticks
    The incrementing gap appeared after the 1st tick (i.e. between the 1st & 2nd tick). The Tick Spacing was 0px

    02. Then i added 2 more Ticks (a total of 4 Ticks)
    The gap appeared after the 3rd and 4th tick.
    This gap was observed only from the 2nd cycle onwards.. And kept incrementing with each next cycle

    * The TICKER was within a SiteOrigin PAGE BUILDER row on my Home Page
    * There was other Custom CSS for my Home Page

    03. I made a copy of my HomePg and browsed it as a normal Inner Page
    (so that the HomePg CSS would not affect it)
    At this time, the incrementing gap didnt appear

    I guess that issue is resolved.
    There were some other things happening/missing

    i. when i drag to reorder a Tick, the whole content vanishes. However, after i Publish it, that same way (in vanished state) —– the content reappears.

    ii. in the earlier plugin (HorScrolAnncmt), i had 20+ ticks. Dragging between that many Ticks in DITTY TICKER, would be quite a task

    iii. a Start and End Date would be a great addition to Schedule the Ticks

    iv. Also if there was a way, to Disable all Site-CSS only for the Ticker. In this case, the Custom CSS for Ticker (under Settings) could be the only CSS that ‘only’ the Ticker follows. (As of now, i entered Custom CSS in my TICKER Settings —– it drastically affected the Appearance of my Home Page too.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Without seeing your ticker I can’t think of any other reason why the gaps are happening (besides the instance I mentioned above). But, it sounds like it may not be happening anymore to you? There could be theme styling being applied to something that is causing an issue, or floated parent elements of the ticker can sometimes cause issues.

    In regards to your other comments/issues:

    1. I’m assuming this is happening when you are using the Visual Editor option for your ticks? I will take a look into this issue.

    2. Yes, due to the size of each tick I can understand this issue. I am currently in the middle of doing a complete rebuild and setup of Ditty News Ticker which will resolve this issue. Each tick will be a much smaller row, with the options for each being set with a lightbox that opens. So, re-ordering will be greatly condensed. This is an issue I’m going to leave until the major update is released (no date set for this yet… but, my goal is sometime within the next 6 months).

    3. I have a paid extension that will add this functionality, as well as other timing capabilities: https://www.metaphorcreations.com/downloads/ditty-timed-ticker/

    4. The custom css in the settings is just a general custom css field and is not limited to only affecting the tickers. But, there are css selectors for your tickers/ticks that you can use to affect only your tickers. For example, use:

    .mtphr-dnt-tick {
      font-size: 12px;
      color: #FF0000;
    .mtphr-dnt-tick a {
      font-weight: bold;
      text-decoration: underline;

    Hopefully this helps you out. Again, I am working on a complete rebuild, taking a lot of user feedback over the years to make this an even better and useful plugin. I still make minor updates to the current version when necessary, but am trying to spend most of my time working on the re-build (when I have time to work on any of this).

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    vow! the way you respond to every point, is most-impressive!
    Thank you very much; it sure is helpful

    My sincere best wishes for all your dedicated development work
    (Keeping a copy of everything you have mentioned)
    God bless~

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    You’re very welcome!

    I was thinking a bit more about #2, and to help resolve this issue with the current setup I think I will add a quick toggle to “condense/expand” all ticks. This would hide all the tick content for each tick and just leave the draggable part. It’s not the best solution (that will come with the major update) as once they are condensed you can’t see what the ticks are…, but it should help out with re-arranging ticks in the current system.

    Thanks again for your feedback and your very nice review!

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    Thank you 🙂

    Reg #2:

    your idea for a “condense/expand” toggle for each Tick — is good!
    You could also have a little bit of the text of the Tick appear on the draggable part so it would help one to know what Tick it is..

    Alternately, you could have only a reorderable list of all the Ticks in one screen. Then the respective Tick could be clicked to go into the Edit/Publish Screen

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    I have released an updated that resolves the disappearing text when using the wp_editor. I played around with toggling the content, but didn’t like the results I was having so I’m going to push that task out further. It’s possible I may end up not tackling it at all depending on the progress of the major update I’m working on (which will not have this issue).

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    yes! got the update.
    The content of the Ticks doesnt disappear while reordering.

    Thank you
    All the best on the major work..

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