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  • On my blog I’m having a somewhat strange little issue. If you go to and click “Previous Entries” several times you’ll come to a post titled “New Music Picks”. On this page there is another previous entries link, but there shouldn’t be one there. If you click it, it takes you to an error page. On the sidebar those category post counts are correct: There are 5 posts in Music, 1 in Books, and each of these 6 posts are also a member of Media.

    If you click on the Music category in the sidebar, you’ll see that it correctly doesn’t display the previous entries link when you reach the oldest post in the category.

    This is using the stock, default WP theme. I haven’t modified any code that could cause this. Also, I’ve gone through the post2cat table in the DB and everything looks completely normal there. So, at this point I’m at a loss. It isn’t a real problem, I’m just curious why it’s happening.

    Note: I have tried refreshing my permalink settings, or completely getting rid of them. The behavior is exactly the same regardless of those settings.

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  • I went through the Music previous entries all the way to the beginning and didn’t see a duplicate link. However, upon clicking the previous entries link on what I presume to be the earliest entry, I got a 404 page … so this is exactly as you describe.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure what is causing this; I would guess that the link simply should not appear on a page for which there is no previous entry.

    By the way, that was one of the best descriptions of a problem I’ve ever seen. <grin>

    I suspect that you set your blog to display just one entry (the latest one). What happens if you increase the number of items to display at any individual page. If two items rid you of this problem, then you may have identified a bug. The 404 should never be reached as far as I can tell.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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