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    When one views my WP website, there is an extra “Home” menu item listed in my Nav Bar, but this “Home” page is NOT listed in my Pages or Menus areas.

    Clicking on “Home” takes one to the top of the domain.

    Where is it coming from, and more important, how do I get rid of it? Edit or Rename it?

    I am trying to setup a static Front page with a Blog (Post) menu item, but when I try to set this up, the “Home” menu does NOT appear in either the Front/Post drop-downs.

    I’m in a Hosted environment, with my root in a sub-directory, using a child-theme.

    Any thoughts?

    – Andrew

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  • Looks like you resolved this.

    I wish!

    I have been poking around trying to find an answer, but no luck!

    – Andrew

    I only see one Home page link. Tried in IE & FIrefox.
    Home looks like what you explained you wanted in your original post.

    The “Home” button on the far Left, I want to get rid of…
    I would like to start with “About” which would become Static, and Add a “Blog” menu, for well, the Blog…

    My main issue, is that there is a “Home” Menu item (far left), that I have no control over.

    It is NOT listed in Pages or Menus or Front/Post…

    Sorry. Still do not see it. Why don’t you capture the screen and circle the Home link you are refferring to.

    per your request:

    Screen Capture

    OK. You said there was an “extra “Home”” in your first post. Did not understand. You do not want Home at all.
    You said child theme. Presuming its of twentyten.
    There is in functions.php search for:
    You want to change in that line from true to false.
    Long-term you want to add (if it is not there already) into your child theme’s functions.php the same function. The whole section for the function but of course call the function name something else.

    Sorry can not post the code right now as have too many things running on here. Let me know if you have further trouble and I can post it later or tomorrow.

    Thanks webjunk for stay here with me on this!

    First, I’m using the theme SimpleDark by Justice but:

    When I originally created the Child, I copied the Parent directory and Renamed it, so there already is a functions.php.

    Here is the code I found:

    // Show Home in the menu
    	if ( isset($args['show_home']) && ! empty($args['show_home']) ) {
    		if ( true === $args['show_home'] || '1' === $args['show_home'] || 1 === $args['show_home'] )
    			$text = __('Home');
    			$text = $args['show_home'];
    		$class = '';
    		if ( is_front_page() && !is_paged() )
    			$class = 'class="current_page_item"';
    		$menu .= '<li ' . $class . '><a href="' . home_url() . '">' . $args['link_before'] . $text . $args['link_after'] . '</a></li>';
    	$list_args['echo'] = false;
    	$list_args['title_li'] = '';
    	$menu .= str_replace( array( "\r", "\n", "\t" ), '', $options['top_category_menu']? wp_list_categories($list_args) : wp_list_pages($list_args) );
    	if ( $menu )
    		$menu = '<div class="' . esc_attr($args['menu_class']) . '">' . '<ul>' . $menu . '</ul>' . '</div>';
    	$menu = apply_filters( 'wp_page_menu', $menu, $args );
    	if ( $args['echo'] )
    		echo $menu;
    		return $menu;

    I have reached-out to Justice on his blog, and hope to hear from him soon.

    If you have other thoughts, I would love to here them!

    Thanks again!

    – Andrew

    Do not know that particular theme. But looking at the code there probably is a Admin menu for setting it. Look to see if there is a Options panel for that theme probably under APEARANCE or under the listing for the Theme where you enable it. Then look for a choice for Show Home or some similar option.

    Agreed, and that is where I started, but have NOT found anything…

    Hopefully, I will hear something back from the Author.

    – Andrew

    I was right:
    Look under APPEARANCE. SimpleDark Options:
    Show Homepage Link Show the link of the homepage on the top menu

    Make sure it is unchecked.

    We have a WINNER!

    At first, un-checking did NOT work, but then I deleted the caches (WP Super Cache), and so far, it now shows in FF, IE and Chrome!

    This has also been confirmed by the Author!

    I have also been able to set the Front and Post to what I wanted!

    Thanks again for your help on this!

    – Andrew

    PS – I owe you a cyber-beer or two!

    I am brand new to this Word Press thing. I am using the Weaver theme, and I too have managed to obtain an extra home page that I did not create, nor want. I found the place where you can edit themes, but the “code” is Greek to me. I don’t know what I am looking for in order to get rid of this extra page.

    The site is Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    There is a dedicated forum for this theme:

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