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  • Hi,
    I’ve searched for this and found lots of people ask, and lots of people solve it different ways.
    I see that it’s generally frowned upon to have loads of line breaks to space something out, when in a blog-style. This is fine. I’ve no problem with this.

    But I’m trying to do a “biography” page to go with it, and as it’s a shared blog between three of us, I’d like to do a few line returns between each person. I don’t really want to do them all on separate pages, and I don’t really know what to do with CSS. It is only for that one page, and it’s a static page.

    I’ve tried switching to html mode and adding in break tags manually, but when I preview/submit, there’s just the one line there.
    In visual mode, hitting return does a new paragraph, shift-return does a line break, but no matter which one I use, it goes back to just one line break, when previewed/submitted.
    I see some people’s “about us” type pages on their WordPress blogs use horizontal lines between sections, but this looks a bit oldskool to me, so if at all possible it’d be nice not to have to resort to that.

    Anyone shed some light on this?

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