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  • dbasulto .. i just asked this a couple days ago and Moshu came through for me .. so I think ths might be of value to you too ..

    Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress
    Updated April 22, 2006 – Version 4.1

    This is the WordPress plugin version of my secure PHP form mailer script. As of the latest version, it has all of the same features and security as the non-plugin version. It features a large number of options, easily accessible from the plugin’s options page under the WordPress control panel. It includes support for multiple recipients (send to one address, multiple addresses, or let the user choose from a drop-down box), an image verification system, my new dynamic form creation method – allowing you to easily add/edit new form fields without any code, and much more. It also now supports multiple copies, each with its own set of options.

    Dynamic Form Creation

    This plugin now features my method for adding/editing form fields all through the options, without any need to edit code!

    Design pastor, thanks on this one. But this doesnt actually add fields to the DB, just mails stuff.
    It’s a great plugin by the way, will replace the forms i have with this one. I’ll look into the code to see if i can write the data to the DB instead of mailing it. Im not that skilled on php, but will try at least 🙂

    dbasulto- did you ever find a solution? I too am hoping to customize the user registration form. All I want to do is add an URL field to the form. This is actually already included in the database because users can edit their profile later to enter more details (including their website address). All I want to do is bring that webside address field to the initial registration form and have it included in the “new user” email that is delivered to me.

    I cannot find a solution for this and it’s driving me nuts!

    if what you mean is that you want to add user data to your registration pages or to your user profile pages you can try the cimy extra fields plugin.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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