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  • Hi all,

    I need an extra field in the adminpanel > write post. Not just temporary but extra. For example next to the title-field. I want to use it to show more sources to a certain post and i don’t want it in the post itself but for example next to the posters name / date etc.

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  • Look into using custom fields. You could define one for your own use and, with wp_tags, add it to your theme to show up where you want it.

    Thank you for your help. However i read that article and it only shows how to create a customfield per post/source. On my blog about 25 articles are written per dag and i want the field in theire all the time. On every new post created. In the field i’ll publish external sources where the reader can see more information.

    You can use the same custom field name for every post. In other words, once the “key name” exists, you can use it for all posts.

    Thank you,

    But where does the field go? When i click “save” nothing happens and i can’t find anything back, not even in the dropdown list.

    Mmhh now it appears in the dropdown list..
    Is it also possible to have the field on top 24/7 for example next to the title field?

    We work with 80 posters and not everyone has access to the key feature (if iam correct). And i can’t set everyone on 9.

    I placed this field in edit-form-advanced.php
    Ofcoarse it doesn’t do anything cause the information needs to be stored. Does anyone has any idea how to store this information?

    <fieldset id="bronvermelding">
    <input name="othersources" type="text" size="13" id="othersources" value="" />


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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