• Hello!

    Thank you for this great plugin, it helps me a lot!
    I have some feature suggestions, if you can add them it would be amazing.

    1. “Block subnet” is not working for IPv6, only IPv4, is it possible to fix?
    2. “Display 404 page”. Can we have a choice of redirecting blocked IPs to some custom URL? I need spammers/bots to be out of my website as soon as possible and don’t want to show them even 404.
    3. I don’t use Traffic Inspector feature, but each update re-enable it. Could you please make sure that updated keep old settings intact?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Gregory



    1. Yes, it will be implemented one day. A couple of underlying technologies are involved: PHP and MySQL do not natively support IPv6 data, meaning programmers have got pain in the neck and are unable to process IPv6 ranges without installing additional bulky third-party libraries.
    2. Nope. Technically sending a redirect response is the same as sending a 404 response. Redirecting doesn’t make any sense in context of spammers/bots. Plus think of you legitimate users who make mistake and erroneous requests from time to time.
    3. That’s weird. We’ll check it. BTW, Traffic Inspector is one of the key features you should normally use.

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